Why you want to use hybrid videos for e-learning videos

E-learning is so popular that you can even get your degree with it these days. With the same ease with which you buy clothes and do your shopping online, you are also learning more and more online. The biggest challenge for e-learning products is holding attention. How do you keep viewers captivated in the digital world full of distractions, where the average attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish?

Hybrid explainer video - e learning video - NOS on 3 style - EVA Explainer Video Agency

Purpose of e-learning videos

E-learning is personal and interactive learning, just like in a classroom, but online. Through e-learning you can demonstrate, explain or depict something in a catchy and efficient way. Think about introducing your staff to a (new) system or platform.

An e-learning video is the way to quickly convey information on your e-learning platform to your viewers. Our brains are able to absorb visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information. Not surprisingly, e-learning videos are extremely popular.

Hybrid videos

A video for your e-learning platform can, of course, take the form of an animation. With a series of digital drawings, your story is brought to life. A possible drawback is that with animation alone, the personal touch is missing. This comes out much better in a live action video, where you use a human narrator, but here you miss the extra explanation thanks to the animations. Difficult choice, of course… But fortunately you don’t have to choose! A hybrid video combines the best of 2 worlds. With a hybrid video, your story is explained clearly, but also personally. Perfect for an e-learning video!

Why combine?

An e-learning video requires clear communication; after all, you want to teach your viewers something. But… you don’t want the video to be static, because then your viewers will drop out more quickly. A hybrid video is the ideal solution to make your e-learning video clear, interesting and instructive.

1.      Persoonlijk tintje

A hybrid video is more than an animated character that lets you tell the story. Did you know that our brains are built to establish trust through face-to-face contact? Bringing yourself, or a presenter, into the picture increases affinity, giving your story a personal touch and keeping viewers captivated longer.

2. Convey body language

The personal approach by combining animation with live action or real footage makes your story come across very naturally. As a viewer, you see the facial expressions and body language of the narrator. This guarantees your message will stick.

3. Maintaining attention

The more senses that are stimulated, the longer your attention stays with it, and the more of the information you end up remembering. With a hybrid video, your ears hear and your eyes see the narrator’s explanation thanks to supporting animations. In addition, consuming a hybrid video takes your viewers relatively little effort, reducing the choice to drop out.

Want to create or commission a hybrid e-learning video yourself?

A good e-learning video is a powerful tool for development in any business. From training your own employees to instructing existing customers. Gripping, interactive and personal. The ideal way to attract and keep the attention of your viewers.

Already convinced that your company too can get more out of e-learning through hybrid videos? Great, take a look at these examples. Or contact us.



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