Video SEO: your video to the top with 4 tips

While surfing the Web, you pass by many different websites. Whether you are looking for a new bag, someone to fix your laptop or a business service provider, more and more companies are using videos on their websites to reach their audience. Properly applied, in fact, it is a great tool for achieving the number-one position in Google. How do you do it?

The magic answer is: video SEO. This literally stands for “video search engine optimization. It means getting to work on optimizing your videos so that they rank higher in search results.

Video SEO: your video to the top with 4 tips

Why video SEO?

Search engines, such as Google, give videos a top spot on the results page. In addition, if you apply video SEO, you automatically stand a better chance of ending up at the top of search results. The reason? There are simply fewer Web pages with videos, than text-only pages. The use of videos on websites is therefore becoming an increasingly well-known marketing technique, and with it, competition is also increasing. So make sure you master video SEO!

We offer four tips that will get your video to the top of search results in no time.

Tip 1: Find the right platform

First of all, it is important to choose the right place for your video. For example, do you want to direct people to your website? Then it’s best to place your video there. Would you rather have instant reach and brand awareness? Then a social media channel such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn is the place.

Tip 2: Pay attention to a good title and description

Just like writing a piece of text, the title and description of the video is important to rank #1 in search results. A search engine like Google cannot view videos and therefore reads the title and video description. So make sure it cleverly describes what it is about. Add keywords to the title and description of the video. Also, keep it short, simple and relevant and preferably keep the title under 55 characters.

Tip 3: transcribe your video

Translating video audio into text, is called video transcription. As mentioned earlier, search engines cannot (yet) fully view the video. It helps then to create a transcript of the video, in addition to a title and a video description. This allows search engines to better understand the video and place it in search results.

Have you written out the script of your video? Then this is immediately your transcript. Add this in the description of your video for best results.

Tip 4: place videos in a sitemap

Also, be sure to place videos in your website’s sitemap. This is a file or page uploaded to your Web site. The sitemap provides search engines with specific information about the pages, videos and images on the website. It provides a clear overview of the website’s structure and content.

Using a video sitemap helps search engines find and understand the videos on your website. It is a very effective way to get videos among your search results to boost findability.

To the top with video SEO

Want your video to rise to the top of search results? Choose the right platform and placement method for your video. In addition, pay attention to a good title and video description, make sure you transcribe your videos and place your videos in a sitemap.

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