Video or animation production: first aid for choice stress

You’re going to tell a message using video, you’ve decided. But what will the visuals look like? You’ve worked with video before, but are secretly curious about animation. Choices, choices…

video-or-animation-production-first-help-from-choice stress

First, of course, you want to know what the differences are between a video and animation production. In this blog, we’ll help you determine which form of production best suits your message. Or maybe there’s no need to choose at all.

Video technology vs. Animation technology

Let’s start with some background information. Video and animation productions are made with different techniques. For a video production, the creator uses film recording techniques. As a result, the end result consists of real images. An animation production involves a little more. Images of an animation production are shaped and made moving afterwards, either manually or with the help of computer software. We call this an animation technique.

The possibilities of video and animation production

To make a good choice, you need to know the capabilities of both types of productions. When it comes to creating a video, there is no “one-size-fits-all” policy. The means is determined by looking at the end.

Realism in a video production

When you want to portray a situation or product realistically, video production is the way to go. In fact, realism is best captured by using real images. Think, for example, of capturing a beautiful project or the atmosphere of an event. But also when you go for a personal approach or capture human emotions, video production is the way to go.

Complex information in an animation production

Some products or services are not easily captured on film. In an animation, on the other hand, anything is possible. Even the most complex information can be conveyed in a simple way with animation. In addition, because of its creative possibilities, an animation production is also an excellent way to do storytelling. So is the message you want to convey complex? Do you want to highlight your story or product in an original way? Or do you want to convey a lot of information in a simplified way, in a short video? Then animation production is the obvious choice.

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Hybrid video style: the best of both worlds

By now you know the pros and cons of video and animation productions. The types of productions offer different possibilities. But we have good news: in fact, you can combine the two forms just fine! For example, in one video you bring together the personal of real images and the enhancement of an explanation by animation. Want to know more about the hybrid video style and how best to use it? You can read it here.

Get advice

If you’re unsure how best to get your message across, you can always check out more examples or get advice. Need help taking away your choice stress? Then contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Together we will look at the best way to translate your message into a video.



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