Video content: what makes it interesting for your business?

While scrolling through all the different social media platforms, you come across a banquet of video content. Something for everyone. Why is video content so evident on these channels? There is a very logical reason for this: video content works! In this article, we explain why video content is used so much and what benefits it has for your business.

video content

It may be obvious that video is a popular content form. You don’t have to read long texts, it is visual and it is often accompanied by sound. This makes video content attractive. However, these are not the only reasons why video is interesting for your business. By sharing information through video, even if it is complicated material, you often still convey an understandable and visual story. This is not often possible with just text and pictures.

Video tells a story

Video content offers the opportunity to use storytelling. This technique, in which you translate your message into an engaging story, keeps the viewer captivated from beginning to end. Essential if you want to lead the viewer to a call to action to be seen at the end. A visual story is also more easily remembered. You can use a narrative video internally, for example, to improve communication between colleagues. Think of a change process within the organization or videos that support the induction of a new colleague. We also call these types of videos explainer videos.

Video content for SEO results

When you use explainer videos on your website, it contributes to SEO results. Google loves this content, which makes you stay on one page longer. When you use video content, you are 56 percent more likely to show up on Google’s first search results page than when you use text only.

How does this work? Google works with different ranking factors that determine where your website will rank. One of these factors is the time the visitor stays on the website. Video content grabs you and doesn’t let go for a certain amount of time. Read: long “time on page.

From desktop to mobile

It feels like a long time ago now, but it used to be difficult to present and share videos properly anywhere. Nowadays, this is not a problem at all. You easily place the video on your website through the CMS system that runs your website. The video content works well on both desktop and mobile. This improves both the reach of your video and SEO ranking.

Like, share and comment

Video content is shared 1200 percent more, than single links or texts. In addition, the chance of interaction is also much higher than when you share written texts, namely 60 percent. So video content ensures more interaction with your target audience and therefore keeps you top of mind.

Time for video content

Using video content sounds great, but it also has a downside. After all, delivering a quality video takes time. From coming up with a concept to producing it. On the other hand, a video can also deliver great value and we hear from many clients that it is well worth the investment.

Want to learn more about how we work and what types of videos we make? Then take a look at this page.



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