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It is extremely important that your team can always continue to develop. There are several options for this, but what works best? In the traditional way, you as a company can easily spend thousands of euros on hiring training staff and a suitable training room. And then you still have to wait and see whether it is a valuable training, because you have no control over the exact content of the training. The solution for this is a Training video!

Examples of explainer videos for training

Below are some examples of training explainer videos.

Digital Trust Center / Dutch Government

DTC Animatievideo Use Case EVA Explainer Video Agency (2)
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Hybride explainer video Valantic Hyperpersonalisatie 3 - NOS op 3 stijl - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Watson Excellent Operations

Business animation video Watson Excellent Operations - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Animation explainer videos For services

What is a training explainer video?

A Training video provides your team or target group with effective training within a few minutes, increasing the knowledge within or about your company.

Benefits of a training explainer animation video

Benefits of a training explainer video

Benefits of a training explainer animation video - more professional appearance
Professional appearance

With a Training video you immediately make a good impression on new employees. This gives them confidence in your company, so that they commit to your company with enthusiasm and (hopefully) for a long term.

Benefits of a training explainer animation video - handy assitsance
Handy assistance

A video is a handy way to train your team in any area. Not only is it informative, but also incredibly entertaining to watch. This makes the entire team enthusiastic to participate in the training sessions, increasing the general knowledge level of your team easily and consistently.

Benefits of a training explainer animation video - more control and efficiency
More control and efficiency

Without a video, you would have to use external or internal trainers for every training, which of course repeatedly involves a lot of costs. You also have the risk of the information being provided in different ways during each training session. That is of course not the intention and can be prevented with a Training video. With a Training video you have control over the exact content of the training at all times. This means that the information is transferred in a uniform manner to everyone who follows the training today, but also, for example, in three weeks' time. In addition, your team has the option to watch the Training video at any time. Handy, right?

Why a training explainer video?

With a Training video, your team is always aware of, for example, new tools, processes or the company culture. Regardless of what the training is for exactly, it is already established that it is super effective and entertaining at the same time through video. Research has shown that the information is absorbed 75% faster, because it is packaged in an audiovisual jacket with a catchy video.

How much does a service explainer video cost?

We understand that it is nice to know in advance exactly where you stand in terms of costs. That is why the rates at EVA are very transparent. We work with all-in prices, without unexpected costs afterwards or strings attached. Do you want to know what your training explainer video will cost? Click here or request a quote via the button below.

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