Animation explainer videos for services

You offer valuable services and you have a website on which your services are described. This means that every potential customer has to invest a significant amount of time to read and understand all the information on your website. With all the distractions in everyday life, there is a good chance that the attention will wander while reading and the customer will not make a purchase in the end. This is very unfortunate of course and can be prevented very easily! The solution for this is a Services explainer video.

Examples of explainer videos for service

Below are some examples of explainer videos for service providers.

Pon Power

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Premium animatievideo APG Social Media - Pakket Goud - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Hosted Power – Turbostack

Motion Graphics animatievideo Hosted Power - Turbostack - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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2D Cartoon animatievideo HousingNet - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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DAEN Mobility

Zilver pakket animatievideo DAEN Mobility - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Animation explainer videos For services

What is a Services explainer video?

A Services explainer video explains in no time what kind of services you provide and what your added value is in this.

Of course, we mainly zoom in on the ‘problems’ that you solve for your customers with your services. We are therefore not just going to talk about your services, but we will do this from the point of view of your customer. Several examples of this can be found above.

Benefits of an explainer animation video for services

Benefits of a service explainer video

Animation explainer videos For services - more brand awareness
More brand awareness

An explainer video for services is ideal to be shared on social media. Not only do you have the option to share the video on your own social media channels, but your customers can also share the video in their feed. This ensures more brand awareness and a wider reach of potential customers.

Animation explainer videos For services - professional appearance
Professional appearance

To be a successful service provider, you must meet at least two requirements. Firstly, your service must have added value. Second, the consumer must believe that you actually have this added value. With a Service explainer video you give your company a professional look and show that your service is worth investing in. This gives customers confidence in your company, which results in them purchasing your services much faster.

Animation explainer videos For services - more sales
More sales

While companies used to mainly generate sales from face-2-face sales conversations, explainer videos for services have proven to be extremely effective as an additional marketing tool. Let your explainer video speak for you and make sure that the customer is already positive about your service, even before you have had a sales conversation. An explainer video is therefore a one-time investment, which you will benefit from during the entire existence of your company. This, in contrast to sales personnel, who are in principle also very valuable, but at the same time also come with a monthly cost. The choice is quickly made, isn't it?

Why a Services explainer video?

Most customers will only proceed to purchase your services if they have a good understanding of the services you offer.

Nothing is more effective than an animated video to help your customers understand what services you offer and why they need your unique service. Where your competitor mainly still uses a traditional website with endless pieces of text, you distinguish your company with a catchy animation video.

This ultimately leads to more brand awareness and significant growth in sales. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

How much does a service explainer video cost?

We understand that it is nice to know in advance exactly where you stand in terms of costs. That is why the rates at EVA are very transparent. We work with all-in prices, without unexpected costs afterwards or strings attached. Do you want to know what your explainer video service will cost? Click here or request a quote via the button below.

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