Animation explainer videos for a product

What do you think the chances are that consumers would buy your product or software without fully understanding its functionalities? It doesn’t need much explanation that the chances are almost nil. Most consumers do online research or read the product description on the packaging in the store, but unfortunately give up quickly. To prevent this, a Product explainer video is the perfect solution to explain your product or software in a catchy way to new and existing customers.

Examples of explainer videos for a product

Below are some examples of explainer videos about products.


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MCLS – Mitsubishi

Premium animatievideo MCLS Mitsubishi - Pakket Goud - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Motion Graphics animation video Aon Internal Communication - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Van der Valk Horti Systems

2D Cartoon animatievideo Chimp Company - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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What is a product explainer video

What is a product explainer video?

A Product explainer video demonstrates in a few minutes how a product or software system works. In addition, it informs the consumer about the added value of the product or software.

Benefits of a product explainer animation video

Benefits of a product explainer video

Benefits of a product explainer animation video - distinguish

You have a great product, but with the existing competition it remains essential that your product continues to distinguish itself. With a Product explainer video you can explain the operation of your product in a fast and effective way, so that you are a big step ahead of your competitor. In addition, your product immediately looks more professional, which increases customer loyalty greatly.

Benefits of a product explainer animation video - social media proof
Social Media proof

Product explainer videos are ideal to be placed on various Social Media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. Experience has shown that catchy Product explainer videos are also quickly shared by consumers in their feed, which causes your product or software to have a much greater reach.

Benefits of a product explainer animation video - conversion

Research has shown that a catchy Product explainer video on the landing page increases conversion by as much as 80%. This is partly because a Product explainer video keeps your new and existing customers on the landing page as much as possible. It is no longer necessary to download a user manual as an attachment or click on a link for more information. All information about the product is simply packaged in a short Product explainer video. This gives consumers more confidence in the product and makes them more eager to purchase your product much faster. Create email campaigns, embed it in a blog and add the video to your email signature for even more conversion.

Why a product explainer video?

Todays consumers are increasingly reluctant to spend hours researching online and reading lengthy user manuals during the purchase phase. Because of this, your pieces of written content is not fully understood or memorised which results in very little understanding of the functionalities of your product.
A short Product explainer video of no more than a few minutes is the perfect solution for this. It keeps the viewer engaged from start to finish, so that the information is absorbed on average 600,000 times faster than when reading endless user manuals. This way, in no time it is clear tot he customer how your product or software works and what the added value is.

How much does a service explainer video cost?

We understand that it is nice to know in advance exactly where you stand in terms of costs. That is why the rates at EVA are very transparent. We work with all-in prices, without unexpected costs afterwards or strings attached. Do you want to know what your product explainer video will cost? Click here or request a quote via the button below.

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