Animation explainer videos for onboarding

Every company is familiar with this – a new employee will start soon who needs to be trained. But how can this be done in the best possible way? Many companies have detailed process descriptions in writing for onboarding, which are mandatory to study for every starter. But to what extent is the most important information from this actually taken up by the starting employee? The solution for an efficient onboarding process is an Onboarding explainer video, in which new employees become fully aware of the processes and/or culture of your organization in no time.

Examples of explainer videos for onboarding

Unfortunately, we can’t show examples of this as these videos are confidential. Other examples of our work can be found here on our portfolio page.

What is an onboarding explainer video

What is an onboarding explainer video?

An Onboarding video explains in a few minutes how certain processes or culture-related matters work within your company. This way, new employees can get off to a flying start.

Benefits of an onboarding explainer animation video

Benefits of an onboarding explainer video

Benefits of an onboarding explainer animation video - more efficiency
More efficiency

With an Onboarding video you ensure that all starters can be trained quickly and efficiently. The sooner they are aware of all processes within your company, the faster your company can have a fully trained employee. This ensures greater efficiency, because all employees know exactly what is expected of them and how they can carry out their work. As a result, the work can be picked up at full speed and supervisors in the department are not burdened with various questions from starters. These topics have already been discussed in the Onboarding video.

Benefits of an onboarding explainer animation video - more connection
More connection

An Onboarding video ensures an onboarding process that runs smoothly. It gives employees the feeling that there is attention for their start within the company and this creates a quick connection with your company.

Benefits of an onboarding explainer animation video - better reputation
Better reputation

A good onboarding process through a video ensures satisfied employees. This will allow them to speak positively about your company within their network. This will contribute to job-seeking talents eager to come and work for you.

Why an onboarding explainer video?

During the first few working days, a lot of new information comes at a starting employee. An Onboarding video is pre-eminently the way to present all this information in a compact and catchy way. Within a few minutes, the video explains, for example, how the processes within the company run, how certain internal tools can be used, how the organizational structure works and much more! Because the onboarding process is presented in a visually appealing way, the important information immediately sticks to the memory.

How much does an explainer video for onboarding cost?

We understand that it is nice to know in advance exactly where you stand in terms of costs. That is why the rates at EVA are very transparent. We work with all-in prices, without unexpected costs afterwards or strings attached. Do you want to know what your onboarding explainer video will cost? Click here or request a quote via the button below.

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