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Real images company video

In some cases, a business video with real footage of your work environment and people is a better choice than an animation video. The big advantage of a real footage company video is that you can give a look behind the scenes and show how things really work in your working environment. This will increase confidence in your (potential) customers. They can already get to know you and your organization well without actually having visited your company.

Real Footage Company Video Examples

Below a number of examples of real footage company videos.

UE Systems

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Working at Demt-flex

Echte beelden bedrijfsvideo Werken bij Demt-flex - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Voor wie wij werken

The process step by step

Step 1: Idea

Together we discuss the goal and
the video ideas. We’ll see which
package suits you best.

Step 2: Script

Next, we will write the
video script. The input
for this comes from you
, where in most cases
we will write the actual script

Step 3: In-depth meeting

During this dynamic (online)
appointment we dive into your
story together. The project manager
presents a first video idea
and asks a number of questions so that
we can
empathize as much as possible.

Step 4: Storyboard*

In this step, the
storyboard is created. This is a
static representation of the
designs in the video. We discuss the
storyboard again
in a meeting and
we process any feedback.

Step 5: Animation

This is where the magic happens.
The storyboard is brought to life
and the native voiceover
is recorded and
added to the video.

Step 6: Delivery video and revisions

After the video has been delivered , you can provide feedback
via a handy online tool. We always work with unlimited revision rounds and will therefore continue until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Step 7: Video

When we deliver the video,
we think together with you
about the most effective way
to use your video.

*Only with the Silver, Gold and Hybrid packages.


They are super transparent with us. And not annoyingly hidden behind a contact form, but simply found here on the website.

The price of a Real Footage Company video starts at € 1,795 for a video up to 60 seconds. Additional costs mainly depend on the possible extra length. For every additional 5 seconds the additional costs are € 100.

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