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Premium animation video

The premium animation video style is perfect for companies looking for a fully customized animation video. Think of a 100% integrated corporate identity, but all characters and other elements are also completely custom made. Perfect as a commercial explainer video for start-ups, scale-ups and corporate companies where the own corporate identity elements must be fully integrated in all communication.

Premium Video Examples

Below are some examples of Premium animation videos.

Raphaëlstichting – Anthroposophic Care

Raphaelstichting, EVA explainer Video Agency 1
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COC - Explainer video agency
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Digital Trust Center / Dutch Government

DTC Animatievideo Use Case EVA Explainer Video Agency (2)
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Lead Healthcare

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-11 151637
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Circular Clarity

Circular Clarity Animatievideo Use Case EVA Explainer Video Agency (3)
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MCLS – Mitsubishi

Premium animatievideo MCLS Mitsubishi - Pakket Goud - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Voor wie wij werken

The process step by step

Step 1: Idea

Together we discuss the goal and
the video ideas. We’ll see which
package suits you best.

Step 2: Script

Next, we will write the
video script. The input
for this comes from you
, where in most cases
we will write the actual script

Step 3: In-depth meeting

During this dynamic (online)
appointment we dive into your
story together. The project manager
presents a first video idea
and asks a number of questions so that
we can
empathize as much as possible.

Step 4: Storyboard*

In this step, the
storyboard is created. This is a
static representation of the
designs in the video. We discuss the
storyboard again
in a meeting and
we process any feedback.

Step 5: Animation

This is where the magic happens.
The storyboard is brought to life
and the native voiceover
is recorded and
added to the video.

Step 6: Delivery video and revisions

After the video has been delivered , you can provide feedback
via a handy online tool. We always work with unlimited revision rounds and will therefore continue until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

Step 7: Video

When we deliver the video,
we think together with you
about the most effective way
to use your video.

*Only with the Silver, Gold and Hybrid packages.


They are super transparent with us. And not annoyingly hidden behind a contact form, but simply found here on the website.

The price of a Premium explainer video is € 3,295 for a video up to 60 seconds. Additional costs mainly depend on the possible extra length. For every additional 5 seconds the additional costs are € 175.

Explainer animatie video tarieven premium stijl - EVA

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