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Hybrid explainer video - the best of both worlds

You have something to communicate that needs quite a bit of explanation: an (animated) video is of course very suitable for that. But… you also want to keep the message personal. How do you do this?

Basically there were 2 choices: an animation video or a live action video (with real images). Animation video on one hand has the great advantageof really giving body to your explanation. Your ears hear and your eyes see the explanation. This ensures that your story sticks much better than if you just let text, or just a ‘talking head’ tell the story.
But, your story should also be personal, and that really works better with a live action video in which you, or a presenter, explains the story.

Inspired by the NOS op 3 explainers, we have launched the ‘hybrid’ explainer video. With these Hybrid explainer videos you combine the best of both worlds: Reinforcing an explanation through animations and the personal approach of live action or real images video.

When to use Hybrid video

Hybrid videos can be used perfectly if, for example, as a CEO, you want to look back on the past year and communicate new objectives to your employees.

As an HR manager, you may want to develop an onboarding video for new employees.

Or you may want to give your potential or existing customers more information about how your platform works. With a hybrid video you can perfectly show where to click or which fields need extra attention.

Also super handy to set up an FAQ page efficiently and personally!

Hybrid video can be a longer video. but can also be perfectly divided into a series of shorter videos. And even a commercial story can be explained in a clear and above all personal way.

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Hybrid Video Examples

More examples will follow soon…

How we work

Concept & Strategie animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency

Concept & Strategy

Together, we first determine the purpose of the video and then we get to the core of the proposition.

Script & Story animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency

Script & Story

The script makes or breaks your final video. During this step, we create the script and come up with the story.

Videoproductie animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency

Video production

Now is your time to sit back, as we work on your video.

Oplevering animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency


We deliver your video within a few weeks. Revisions are included in the price and we only stop when you are 100% satisfied.


They are super transparent with us. But of course it can differ considerably per Hybrid video assignment. How long will the video(s) be? How many additional images in other locations are we going to shoot? Do you want to hire a professional presenter? That is why we prefer to ask what you have in mind first. Fill in the form under the button: ‘Customized quotation’ and we will get back to you shortly with an estimation of the costs.

Prefer to call first to discuss your idea? That is of course no problem either, contact us directly or let us call you back via the button below.

What our customers say

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