Video types

Your own animation video is often the first thing that customers of your company see. Let this first impression count! Below you will find our styles and types of videos.
Which one suits your organization and target group?

Motion Graphics animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Motion Graphics animation video

Within the Motion Graphics style, moving and animated graphics are used to explain (complex) ideas, data or information. But a new concept, service or product is also well suited for this.

2D Cartoon animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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2D Cartoon animation video

A very popular choice among our customers. Many videos are about people and a perfect way to visualize this, is with a video that contains characters. This is frequently the case in the 2D Cartoon animation video.

Business animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Business animation video

A very stylish and formal ‘semi-cartoon’ animation style. Perfect for companies that are looking for a professional and business animation video for their product, service or internal communication.

Interactieve video overzicht mogelijkheden - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Interactive video

Give the viewer control over their video experience by making your video interactive. Create interaction with your video content by letting them – make decisions, ask questions, fill out forms, and more.

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