Types of animations – Which style of animation video do you choose?

Nowadays, no company can go without an animation video on its website and in its social media campaigns. Nobody reads those lengthy texts on your website or in your email marketing anymore, so an animation video is the best way to reach your potential customer.

People are easily distracted, however a video will capture their attention where only text and images will not. With an animation video you put your company, product or service on the map, you optimize your conversion, and thus increase your turnover.


But what kind of animation video should you use? Let EVA help you choose the best style for your message. In this blog, I will list all our types of animations for you and give you tips on certain types of animation videos. These will help you to determine which type of animation video suits your company the best.

1. 2D cartoon animation style

This cartoon 2D animation style is one of the most popular and widely used types of animation video. And with good reason! All companies want to solve their customers problem. With a cartoon animation we can visualize the problem and immediately propose the solution by presenting the product or service of the company in question. Potential customers can easily relate to the problem and the characters in the video, which makes this kind of animation very appealing.

The cartoon animation is an excellent choice for both B2C and B2B. It’s all about story telling, it evokes emotions and directly appeals to your customers or audience, and the video will also be more easily shared on social media. This kind of animation is good to increase your sales, but also perfect to use at events, for pitches and basically applicable at any place where your company “contacts” your audience.

Whether you use it to clarify your company vision, present a (software) product or to explain your services. A 2D cartoon animation video is a very good choice.

View more information via this link and other examples of the 2D animation cartoon explainer video style.

2. Business animation style

Do you think the 2D cartoon animation is a bit too playful for your corporate identity? Then our business style is a better fit for you. These kinds of animations are still expressive, but in a more “serious” way. Perfect for B2B companies within the business services.

View more information and other examples of the Business animation explainer video style.

3. Whiteboard animation style

This kind of animation video can help you a lot if you want to show something big, extensive, heavy or detailed. Whiteboard videos are really meant to engage your audience. The content is drawn right in front of their eyes.

The Whiteboard videos are popular for several reasons. One of these reasons is simplicity. No fuss, bells or whistles. Not to be confused with visual appeal, because they are good at that. More sketchy and less detailed than 2D animation videos, but very good at portraying a clear, informative messages in a clear manner. Do you want to explain a complex concept step by step? Then this type of video is perfect.


4. Motion text animation style

This kind of animation video can easily bring (a lot of) information to life in a text format. Moving and animated text and graphics are used here to explain complex ideas, data or information.

Potential customers leave a website quickly when seeing long texts passing by. With the Motion Text video you will keep their attention. A boring way of presenting in PowerPoint or a text document suddenly becomes exciting by presenting the story in an appealing way. Accompanied by music, animations and relevant images, your message is conveyed in a very attractive way by various elements.

View more information and other examples of the Motion text animation explainer video style.

Have you made a choice?

Your choice of a certain type of animation says a lot about your company and the message you want to communicate. Your video is often the first thing your potential customer sees on your website, and more often the only thing they will watch before contacting you.

EVA is happy to help you choose the best style for your animation video. Feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss the right choice with you!




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