The power of animation videos on social media

How often do you scroll through your Facebook or LinkedIn timeline, after which you close the app again: there is nothing interesting to see.

Nowadays it is very difficult for a company to attract the attention of (potential) customers. Numerous messages are posted on social media every day, as a result of which your message disappears into the masses. In addition, the algorithm of the platforms does not work in your favor: authentic messages from people are given priority and links to your website are penalized.

The power of animation videos on social media

So how do you ensure that your message gets noticed?

Simple: with animation videos.

On an average, people spend 16 hours a week (!) watching (animated) videos. The reason for this is the simplicity and accesibility: it’s easy. Your brain doesn’t have to work very hard for video, but it does absorb information. That feels good. In addition, video is entertaining (if you do it right), so that the target group not only stops scrolling, but also watches the video and takes action. And the algorithm of the social media channels likes that.

How does that algorithm work?

Did you know that your social media posts are only shown to a fraction of your followers? You can see this as a test group. This group determines whether the content is interesting enough. As soon as people stop scrolling, view, like, comment, save and/or share the post, the post will be spread further. Most people are visually oriented and find animated videos more exciting than any other form of content. Which means you can expect more interaction.

The algorithm of all social media channels also gives priority to valuable content on the platform itself. Uploading the video to the channel, instead of pasting a link, gives your post a big boost.

Animation ensures attention

Yes. But that doesn’t mean you have to make a 5 minute animation. The essence of social media is that it is fleeting. You don’t get much time to get your message across. Animation ensures that you can simplify that message and thus be able to tell a lot more in much less time. In addition, the use of images and sound ensures that the message is better understood and remembered.

Check. More information in less time

And that it works is proven by research by Quadia. 87 percent of the surveyed marketers indicate that they use online video and 80 percent use these videos on social media. The objectives are usually to inform the target group, increase brand awareness and sales.

Animations are therefore ideally suited for this. With content-rich information in animation videos, you radiate professionalism, while the figures in these types of videos are usually immediately accepted. In short: you are quickly seen as an authority.

The research also shows that marketers expect video use to continue to grow. 70 percent think that the use of video is a lasting change. It will become more frequent, more personal and easier. The challenge is distinctiveness. Animation can be the spice your content plan is missing right now.

That sounds expensive?

We get that you might think that. Corporate videos often cost thousands of dollars to produce. And that’s not even including the script or a voice-over. An animation does not require expensive equipment and recording time, which greatly reduces costs. In addition, within EVA we make smart use of libraries and templates without having to compromise the quality of the animation video. On our Animation video rates page you can explore the possibilities and directly view our transparent rates.



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