Animation explainer videos for webshops

As a webshop owner it is a must to distinguish yourself from the many online webshops. You invest a lot in different forms of marketing, to get as many potential buyers on your website as possible. And then? Then of course they have to buy. The most important pillar for a webshop is therefore the conversion of a specific page or product. And this is exactly where an explainer video can give a huge boost.

Webshop Explainer Video Examples

Below are some examples of explainer videos for webshops.

Prof Trainings

Motion Graphics animatievideo Prof Trainingen - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Motion Graphics animatievideo CountDownDealz - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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What is an explainer video for a webshop

What is an explainer video for webshops?

An Animation Explainer video for a webshop is a video that presents your products and services online in a creative way. It gives you the opportunity to simplify and clarify certain processes that your customers undergo during a visit to your webshop. This saves you time and your customers will have more confidence in your products, services and in general in your webshop.

If there is one thing that you spend a lot of time on as a webshop owner, it is customer service. You obviously want to guide your customers through the ordering process and give a clear picture of what you have to offer. Do you have an extensive FAQ page in which you try to answer every possible question? Chances are that your customers don’t even bother to read the content, as poeples attention span is comparable to that of a goldfish these days. With an Animation Explainer Video, you can deliver your message and information in a personal and clear way. This creates trust with your customers and that trust is valuable!

An Animation Explainer Video can be used on various social media, but also via mailings. For example, you can choose for a clickable Explainer Video. With this type of video you first spark the curiosity of existing and potential customers and then let them order directly with an order button that is fully integrated into the video.

Animatie explainer video voor een webshop

Advantages of an Animation Explainer Video for webshops.

Animation explainer videos For webshops - Clarity and Trust
Clarity & Trust

As a webshop owner you want your message to be clear and that your potential customer trusts you enough to place an order. Show your customers by video that you think along and are involved with them. With an Animation Explainer Video you can clearly explain your products and services.

Animatie explainer video's voor webshops - Naamsbekendheid
Brand awareness

Creating brand awareness with a video has never been easier! The online market is booming and your potential customer is browsing the web in search of products and the right provider. By sharing an Animation Explainer Video via your Social Media such as YouTube and mailings, you make sure to distinguish yourself from other webshops. The attention of your potential customers is more likely to be drawn to a fun video than a usual online ad. And this is where you take your lead over the competitor!

Animation Explainer Videos for Webshops - Increase Sales
Increase sales

Increase your sales by using an Animation Explainer Video as a marketing tool. With this you spark the curiosity of both existing and potential customers and not only create more visitors to your webshop, but your conversion will increase! How does it work? Simple: an Animation Explainer Video increases confidence in your webshop. You radiate professionalism and reliability because of your clear information through your Animation Explainer Video. In addition, an animation video ensures a longer visit to your webshop. This leads to higher rankings in Google and thus to more sales!

Animation explainer videos For webshops - customer loyalty
Customer loyalty

Create more customer loyalty by offering your customers something extra, the feeling that you understand them and can meet their needs by clearly explaining order or return processes with video.

Animation explainer video for a webshop - 365 days a year sales tool
Sales tool 365 days a year

To make a webshop successful, you cannot avoid investing in marketing and sales. However, this can get into the papers if you are not careful. An Animation Explainer Video takes care of processes, so you can save enormous costs on additional personnel and online marketing. Boost your webshop by using an Animation Explainer Video to generate extra sales 365 days a year.

Animation explainer video for webshops - grab the attention
Grab attention

Online visitors have been proven to have a short attention span. You only have a few seconds to impress your potential customer. Research shows that online visitors prefer to watch a video rather than an image with text. An Animation Explainer Video ensures that your potential customers are fascinated and surprised. By grabbing the attention, you extend the attention span with the great risk that they will actually make a purchase;).

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