Animation explainer videos for Real Estate and Brokerage

In such a highly competitive market as the real estate sector, you want your marketing to be as effective as possible. Most buyers or tenants start their search online. It is crucial that you actively seek online engagement with your potential customers. An animation explainer video for real estate fits perfectly within this marketing strategy. It helps customers to make faster decisions in the buying process and at the same time it does not cost you extra time in your already busy working week.

Real Estate & Brokerage Video Examples

Below are some examples of explainer videos within the real estate and brokerage sector.


2D Cartoon animatievideo HousingNet - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Wat is een explainer video voor Vastgoed en Makelaardij

What is an explainer video for the Real Estate and Brokerage sector?

An animation explainer video for the real estate industry is a video that will explain your services or products to your target group in a clear and fascinating way.

The real estate industry is extremely competitive. If you want to reach your target audience, you have to distinguish yourself from your competitors. An animation explainer video is perfect for this as it captures the attention of your target audience in a fun and engaging way.

You can use your animation explainer video in many ways. For example on your website, on social media, in your email signature, in your introduction email and within your advertising campaigns.

Stand out from your competitors and use the power of your own real estate animation explainer video!

Animation Explainer Videos for Real Estate and Brokerage

Advantages of an Animation Explainer Video for Real Estate and Brokerage

Animation Explainer Videos For Real Estate And Brokerage - Show Your Unique Qualities

It's brought to our attention frequently: USPs. But with good reason. Especially in the real estate world. Distinguishing yourself from your competition is important. If you always convey exactly the same, friendly message as your competitors, you don't give potential customers a reason to choose you, right? If you want a successful real estate and brokerage animation explainer video, consider what really makes your company stand out and let your video revolve around it.

Animation Explainer videos For Real Estate and Brokerage - Stand out from the crowd
Stand out

As we mentioned earlier, competition is fierce in the real estate and brokerage world. If your marketing is the same as all other real estate professionals, why would they choose you? Take that extra step with an animation explainer video. You can make the difference with the right animations, images and text. It gives your potential customers insight into how you work and gives them something to hold on to.

Animation Explainer Videos For Real Estate & Brokerage - Trust

Trust is everything in real estate. Unlike buying a liter of milk or bread, you only buy or rent a new home a few times in your life. By gaining the trust of potential customers and proving your worth, you can already steer them in a certain direction. Animation explainer videos for real estate are not only useful for showing what you offer, but are also ideal for highlighting your skills.

Animation Explainer Videos For Real Estate & Brokerage - Sales & Conversion
Sales increasement

Whether you are a real estate professional or real estate agent, your sales rate increases by telling your potential customers exactly what you can do for them. With an animation explainer video, this can be done in just 1 to 2 minutes, without having to dig through long texts/content on your website.

Animation Explainer Videos for Real Estate and Brokerage - Online Presence
Online visibility

As mentioned before, most searches for new homes start online. Make sure that your company can be found online. By placing a good animation explanation video on YouTube, Facebook and your own landing page, ensure better online findability!

Animation Explainer Videos For Real Estate & Brokerage - Don't Waste Your Time
Wasting time is a no-go

People's time is valuable and it seems that we have even less time each year. People are not going to read long texts. An animation explainer video, on the other hand, appeals immediately! You keep the attention well and at the same time your message is conveyed briefly but powerfully.

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