Animation explainer videos for the Hospitality & Facility Management

In Hospitality and Facility Services, everything revolves around service. The customer or guest is the center of the company and ‘service’ is in the DNA of facility companies. In this digital age, no one likes to read long and hard-to-understand contents. Instead, give your customers or guests the best service and start using your own animation Explainer video!

Hospitality & Facility Services Explainer Video Examples

Below are some examples of Explainer videos for Hospitality and Facility Services.

Please ask m

Hybride explainer video Please ask m 3 - NOS op 3 stijl - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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De Keet

2D Cartoon animation video De Keet - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Please ask m

Motion Graphics animation video Please ask m 2 - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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2D Cartoon animatievideo Breedweer Facilitaire Diensten - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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Mul BV

2D Cartoon animatievideo MUL BV - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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2D Cartoon animatievideo Videoguard - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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What is an explainer video for the hospitality or facility services sector

What is a Hospitality or Facility Services Explainer video?

An animation Explainer video for the Hospitality and Facility Services is a video that can take the service level of your facility company to an even higher level than it already is.

The experience of the guests or customers, both online and offline, is the most important asset for Hospitality or Facility Service Providers. When it comes to communication, nothing is more customer oriented than an animation Explainer video.

This allows Hospitality or Facility Service Providers to communicate very efficiently without wasting their guests or customers valuable time. Think about how you currently communicate your guidelines, rules, announcements or event. Probably with an email or even a dusty PDF file.

Your guests and customers will love using the power and efficiency of your own animation Explainer video.

Animation explainer video for Hospitality and Facility Services

Advantages of an Animation Explainer Video within the Hospitality and Facility Services

Animatie explainer video's Voor de Hospitality en Facilitaire dienstverlening - Bespaar tijd
Save time

Animation Explainer videos work great if you don't want your guests or customers to waste time. You are communicating a lot within Hospitality and Facility Services. Make sure you do this efficiently with an animation explainer video and stop wasting your guests and customers precious time!

Animation explainer videos For Hospitality and Facility Services - Increase your Service Level
Increase your service level

Increasing the service level will always be a top priority within Hospitality or Facility Services. If not, your competitors will and eventually that will cost you your customers and / or guests. An animation Explainer video within the facility industry is quickly arranged, but will have a huge impact on the way you provide customers or guests with information. You will no longer waste their time with long texts and content that are not read anyway and it will also look professional. All this will result in a higher level of service and more customer and guest satisfaction.

Animatie explainer video's Voor de Hospitality en Facilitaire dienstverlening - Stel je Klant of Gast Centraal
Focus on your customer or guest

Many companies in the hospitality and facility sector often forget to think about the customer or guest first and therefore lose sight of what they really want. In this digital age, everything is fast, no one has time to stop with what they are doing for a long time and read a story about anything extensively. Put your customer or guest first by communicating explanatory videos with animation. Your customers and guests will thank you.

Animation explainer videos For Hospitality and Facility Services - Sales Happen Online
Selling happens online

We've heard it so many times when an 'old-fashioned' salesperson happened to make a deal: 'the customer called and I just closed the deal on the phone! So who needs social media! This still works. " The truth is somewhat different. 80% of the sales funnel now happens online in this digital era. This means that the jobs of sales people have changed drastically. Where salespeople used to have to start explaining how hospitality companies work, they now only have to close the deal. Your guests and customers already know everything about your company through their online research. Make sure they don't miss the core message of your facility business by harnessing the power of your own animation explainer video!

Animation explainer videos For Hospitality and Facility Services - Come across like a professional
Come across as a professional

An animation explainer video within the Hospitality or Facility Services makes your company look professional. Make the first impression count with a very clear and customer-oriented animation explanation video on your website and social media channels. Make sure your online appearance is just as professional as the Hospitality of Facility company 'in real'!

Animatie explainer video's Voor de Hospitality en Facilitaire dienstverlening - Niemand Leest Meer
Nobody reads anymore

Imagine receiving a long email from your office's facilities department. I bet you will only scan the text for bold text and titles and then decide in a split second whether this long email is really worth reading. The answer is probably no. Nobody reads anymore, unless they really have to. Help your 'lazy customers and guests' and communicate through clear animation explainer videos.

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