Animation explainer videos for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Scoring new customers can sometimes be very difficult for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Especially when your core activity has nothing to do with marketing or sales, this can distract you from doing what you do best as a freelancer or entrepreneur. An animation explainer video can take a lot of this work off your hands. Best of all, it will notify your potential customers of your service 24/7 and 365 days a year!

Explainer Video examples for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Below are some examples of explainer videos for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs.

Digital Trust Center / Dutch Government

DTC Animatievideo Use Case EVA Explainer Video Agency (2)
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2D Cartoon animatievideo Hubb - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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2D Cartoon animatievideo Administratiekantoor Zaaijer 2 - EVA Explainer Video Agency
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What is an explainer video for a Freelancer or Entrepreneur

What is an explainer video for a Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

An animation explainer video for freelancers and entrepreneurs is a video that explains your service in a clear and fascinating way to your target group. You can use your explanation video in many ways. For example on your website, on social media, in your email signature, in your introduction email and in your advertising campaigns.

Whichever medium you choose for your animation explanation video, it works non-stop, every day of the year for you. In addition, people no longer read online. The attention span of customers is similar to that of a goldfish, so you need to find a way to explain what you are doing in a fast and engaging way.

Your own animation explainer video does that for you. It will attract the attention of your potential customers and will allow you to focus on your core activities as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Animation Explainer videos for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Advantages of an Animation Explainer Video For Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Animation Explainer Videos for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - Customers Love to Watch Videos
Your customers love videos

Online, people seem to have no time at all. A goldfish's attention span is about 3 seconds, which is similar to people online. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, make sure you get your message across to your potential customers online using the power of your own animation explainer video.

Animation Explainer videos For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - Focus on your core business
Focus on your core activities

As a freelancer or independent professional, it sometimes seems as if you are the owner, sales manager, marketing manager, financial professional and facility manager in one. While the activities by which you earn your money, your core business, must be the most important. By using your own animation explainer video, you as a freelancer or entrepreneur can put your message on the market and close the sale. The biggest advantage of having an animation explainer video? You can focus more on your core business while letting your video work for you as your marketing and sales manager.

Animation Explainer videos For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - 24-7 sales tool
24/7 sales tool

Freelancers or entrepreneurs don't have a lot of resources to spend on marketing and sales. Hiring someone, or a company for this, costs a lot of money. Start using an animation explainer video for this task. Best of all, this animation explainer video will work tirelessly for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Animation Explainer Videos For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - Show your unique qualities
Show your added value

Communicating your added value is becoming very difficult in this digital era for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Yet it is very important to show the message about your service to your potential customers. In this digital age, where no one reads anymore, your own animation explainer video is perfect for this task. It will tell your story in a short, clear and compelling way and convince your potential customers to get in touch!

Animation Explainer Videos For Freelancers And Entrepreneurs - Don't Waste Your Time
Do not waste time

People's time is valuable and we seem to have less time each year. So don't waste your potential customers' time with long content on your website or other ways in which you communicate. As a freelancer and independent professional, start using an animation explainer video and stop wasting precious time!

Animation Explainer videos For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - Stand out from the crowd
Be different from the rest

All of your competitors are online, they all have a good looking website and they are all on social media. So how do you distinguish yourself as a freelancer or entrepreneur? Very few companies, especially freelancers or independent professionals, use the power of an animation explainer video. Don't waste this opportunity and make sure you stand out from your competitors!

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