ROI makes your manager enthusiastic about video marketing

Animation video is important for your marketing strategy. You are convinced of that, but how do you convince your manager to free up a marketing budget for videos? You need a strong pitch for this.

You naturally include the Return On Investment (ROI) in your argument. The ROI indicates the return on the investment and thus different marketing activities can be compared with each other. We give you a guideline for building your pitch and show you what you can base the ROI on.

ROI makes your manager enthusiastic about video marketing

Animation video is hot

Trying something new in your strategy is always exciting. You cannot yet know what the effect will be for your organization, but you can delve into research results. Practically all research into video marketing shows that it is an essential tool. A tip for your pitch:

1200% So much more often your video is shared compared to text. source: Sowmedia 80% Is the increase in conversion on landing pages due to video. source: Hubspot 90% Is the percentage of consumers who indicate that video helps them make purchasing decisions. source: Hubspot 54% Percentage of consumers who prefer to watch video from brands. More than any other form of content. source: Hubspot 19% This is the percentage of opens that you get if there is a video in your newsletter (and you mention this in your subject line). source: Hubspot 52% Is the percentage of online marketers who label videos as the most profitable content. source: Sowmedia

Nothing is stronger than sharing hard numbers.

Video ensures success

In addition to hard numbers, your manager also needs to get an image and a sense of video within the marketing strategy. Therefore, share videos from other companies and, if possible, show them what it has brought them. For example, has the animated video gone viral? Did the company (or the creator of the video) make it a case study?

Do not make the list of videos you forward too long, but choose three relevant examples. Make sure there is an example of a company that your supervisor likes and appreciates, a video from a competitor and a video that you can share strong figures from.

The content is reusable

Ofcourse you don’t post an animation video just once on social media. It is equivalent to multiple content forms. For example, you can create and schedule various social media posts, turn it into advertisements, write a blog about it or use the sound for a podcast. You can also use the video in presentations, your brochure and the newsletter. This saves money and time.

Animation video is not expensive

A well-known misconception of video is that it is expensive. Before proper research is done into the deployment and revenues of video, the decisive factor in the company has already dropped out. It is good to realize and communicate that video is not that expensive. EVA shares the costs of the animation video transparently, so you can include it directly in your pitch.

Video is measurable

The effect of videos is very easy to measure. In your pitch, give a good idea of ​​the metrics you will use to measure ROI for the company. Then propose a pilot video, so that you can make a substantiated choice for the strategy.

ROI can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitative data are hard statistics and therefore the best variant to show to your manager. An overview of quantitative statistics:

  1. Views: views of the video
  2. Play rate: percentage of viewers divided by number of views
  3. Completion rate: how many viewers watched the video
  4. Click through rate: viewers who clicked a button divided by views
  5. Conversion rate: viewers who took the desired action, divided by number of clicks

Qualitative statistics mainly focus on engagement. This includes comments on your video, but also likes, shares and saves.

ROI makes your manager enthusiastic about video marketing

Have you received a ‘GO’ from your manager? Then make sure that you also keep him/her involved in the creation of the animation video. This may create even more support for video marketing.

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