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TreeTracker wants to make trees the heart of cities, making these cities more sustainable, resilient and beautiful. By putting deep learning algorithms to work, TreeTracker can make city planning, tree maintenance and environmental reporting smarter.

The challenge of TreeTracker

TreeTracker noticed that a lot was still unclear during appointments with potential customers. In order to explain the proposition and innovation in a clear way, it was therefore decided to have an animation video made with the focus on the proposition and the working method of TreeTracker.

Motion Graphics Animation Video TreeTracker 2 - EVA Explainer Video Agency
Motion Graphics Animation Video TreeTracker - EVA Explainer Video Agency

The video solution

During the first meeting it quickly became clear that TreeTracker was best helped with our Motion Graphics animation video style. Especially the combination of showing people (in a city) and the explanation of the technical background and dashboards we could bring out the best in this style. A first version of a script written by us hit the nail on the head right away, after which we could continue with the animation video.

The result: a beautiful and clear animation explainer video which will help TreeTracker to explain the proposition and method!

Reference TreeTracker for EVA Explainer Video Agency - Dirk van Riel

Dirk van Riel

Director - TreeTracker

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