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The name already says it a bit in this case: Administration office Zaaijer is an… administration office. But one that provides tax advice and business advice in addition to the administration.

The challenge of Administration Office Zaaijer

Administration office Zaaijer wanted to expand its customer portfolio and wanted to increase the focus on the online activities and thereby generate more leads.

2D Cartoon animatievideo Administratiekantoor Zaaijer - EVA Explainer Video Agency
2D Cartoon animatievideo Administratiekantoor Zaaijer 3 - EVA Explainer Video Agency

The video solution

We were soon convinced that Administration Office Zaaijer would be best helped with a Cartoon animation video in which storytelling should be the main focus. We investigated their customers needs and have made a very recognizable story for many busy entrepreneurs, or potential customers of Zaaijer. The result: The Cartoon animation video. Which is prominent on the homepage, is often used during appointments and in various social media campaigns.

Referentie Administratiekantoor Zaaijer voor EVA Explainer Video Agency - Jan Pieter Zaaijer

Jan Pieter Zaaijer

Administration Office Zaaijer

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