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Gemeentepolis Gezond Verzekerd

The Gemeentepolis van Gezond Verzekerd is a collective health insurance for people with a low income, chronic illness or disability. With the Gemeentepolis, this group of people is assured that they will pay less for more health insurance.

The challenge of Gezond Verzekerd

A new functionality of Gezond Verzekerd voor de Gemeentepolis is the online checklist. The purpose of the online checklist is to help people find the most suitable health insurance. In order to give the checklist the right attention and to introduce it on the websites of the 330 cooperating districts, Gezond Verzekerd wanted to have a clear animation video made for this.

Motion Graphics animatievideo Luma Group - EVA Explainer Video Agency
Motion Graphics animatievideo Luma Group 3 - EVA Explainer Video Agency

The video solution

While writing the script, it soon became clear that an important part of the animation video would be about the checklist. With an explainer video that is about an online tool, there is always the consideration of making screenshots of the actual tool and simulating the tool in an animation. For this video we have chosen the last option. Based on the way the tool works, we copied the checklist in a simplified way with animations, and then incorporated them into the explainer video. The Gemeente polis animation video is currently shown on almost all 330 district-specific landing pages on and makes a significant contribution to choosing the right health insurance policy for the target group.

Referentie Luma Group voor EVA Explainer Video Agency - Maarten van de Goor

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