EVA Interactive Video

Watch the interactive video of EVA Explainer Video Agency on the right. This video incorporates several interactive elements, including:
  • Clickable ‘Hotspots’
  • Make choices on what you want to view: ‘Branching’
  • Menu button
  • Contact Form

Why interactive video?

With an interactive (animation) video you give the viewer control over their video experience. Create interaction with your video content by letting them make decisions, ask questions, fill out forms, and more.

Interactieve animatievideo - EVA Explainer Video Agency
Interactieve animatievideo 2 - EVA Explainer Video Agency

Interactive video results

The most important pillar to which interactive video contributes, is the engagement of the video viewer. This is up to 4 times higher than regular video. Consider, for example, interactive video for employees where you would like them to respond to a question after watching (part of) the video.

Interactive video also works commercially. You increase your conversion if you integrate a contact form in the video. Make it as easy as possible for your potential customer to contact you and give them the opportunity to do so after watching the video.

Ramon Freriks over Interactieve video

Ramon Freriks

EVA Explainer Video Agency

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