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Acadin is the digital learning environment for talented and gifted students in primary education (groups 1-8). An environment filled with interesting and challenging learning activities on a variety of subjects.

The challenge of Acadin

Acadin was looking for a way to draw attention to the existence of the digital learning environment, but also to give an insight into how the tool works exactly. And all that as short and ‘to the point’ as possible.

Motion Graphics Animation Video Acadin 2 - EVA Explainer Video Agency
Motion Graphics Animation Video Acadin 3 - EVA Explainer Video Agency

The video solution

We set to work with that challenge. The tone of voice was quickly apparent. Then, together with Acadin, we decided to recreate the learning environment in animations to allow the viewer to focus on what is important in the video. The result? An informative and clear animation video in our Motion Graphics video style. The Acadin explainer video is now available on the website and is frequently used in online and offline marketing communications.

Testimonial EVA Explainer Video Agency - Acadin

Monique Schurer

Marketing, Communication and Sales - Acadin

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