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Imagine every visitor on your website immediately purchasing your product or service. We all want this, but of course this is too good to be true. Practice shows that it usually requires a number of “clicks and touch points” before a customer feels comfortable enough with your product or service and proceeds to a purchase or collaboration. One way to speed up this sales process is to use an Animation Explainer Video.

In addition, an Animation Explainer Video also works great for communication that is aimed at colleagues and existing customers. For example, animation videos are used effectively as an internal communication tool in changing processes within organizations. But also towards existing customers, for example, “how to” videos can be a solution to explain or clarify your product / service or process as customer-friendly as possible. You can read more about this application for Animation Explainer Videos in a future blog.

In this blog we zoom in on the positive effect of an animation video on the sales of your company. Think of it as an audiovisual business card, through which your customers are attractively introduced to what your company has to offer. Many companies are already using this and that is not surprising. A new research by Wyzowl has shown that an Animation Explainer video is one of the most powerful sales boosters, which really captures the customer’s attention. Are you curious? We have listed the 6 most striking statistics from this new research for you!

1. 84% of customers say that after watching an Animation Explainer Video, they are more likely to be convinced to buy a product / service.

An Animation Explainer video takes the viewer into the story in an engaging way and can visually enhance a product. The fact is that an animation video of a few minutes appeals to the imagination much more than a boring manual or product description.

2. When asked how customers prefer to stay informed about (new) products / services, 66% indicated that they prefer to watch an Animation Explainer video.

Nowadays almost every customer is overwhelmed with emails or social media feeds regarding updates on new products or services. In doing so, you must avoid being yet another provider, causing your potential customer to drop out and scroll through it. Research shows that 66% of customers prefer to stay informed about new products and services through an Animation Explainer video. This percentage is considerably higher than the percentage of customers who prefer a different way of providing information. Only 18% would rather have a text-based article, website or social media post. Only 4% would like to view an infographic, a small 3% would prefer an e-book, manual or webinar. And finally, 2% of customers would like a sales pitch or demo. It does not need much explanation why you should use an Animation Explainer Video to communicate new products or services. It is simply what the customer asks for.

3. 94% of customers have more confidence in a company / product / service when they watch an Explainer Video.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer – do you have more confidence in a product or service that is described in a boring manual or webpage (which you don’t read anyway), or in a product or service that is central to a professional, catchy animation video? An Explainer video catches the attention of your potential customers and removes their objections in a short video of 1-2 minutes.

4.91% of customers have fewer doubts during the sales process.

Providing too much information on a website causes most visitors to drop out because the attention span is too short to read long pieces of content. On the other hand, due to too little information, there is a good chance that visitors will drop out because they miss specific important information. By using an Animation Explainer video, you make a good first impression and offer the viewer all relevant information at the right time. This ensures that they have fewer doubts and can proceed to a purchase more quickly.

5. 86% of the respondents, by watching an Animation Explainer video, feel that they will be well supported after their purchase, if a product / service is not satisfactory.

Having many sales and customers is fantastic! But even better is having existing and returning customers who are loyal and who prefer you as a provider of a product / service with satisfaction. For example, we were able to make a great interactive animation video for the company Riskchanger, which explains in a fun and clear way how their customers can use the software. With this, the software is portrayed in a high-quality manner, so that existing customers enjoy using the service. Check out the video below

6. 89% of customers believe that any business would benefit from using Explainer Videos.

In fact, the use of an Animation Explainer video is a combination of marketing and sales in 1. This combination is seen by a large majority of 89% as a must for companies.

What we hear from our customers

” Excited again! Time and again EVA proves to be able to empathize with the essence of our message and to translate it into a powerful statement. We are happy with the partnership we experience with EVA. Even now, in the production of the animation film that EVA made for us to draw attention to a particularly effective program among HR professionals to increase self-reliance in organizations. ”

Edwin Vreedeveld – Owner @ How Company

Even better than expected! We wanted to find a fun way to simply explain our proposition to our potential customers. After we delivered a draft text, Ramon and his team worked very energetically and creatively. After a few days they presented the first version of the video. This was immediately with 95% exactly what we were looking fort o see. Our comments on this were well understood and adapted very quickly. Top quality! ”

Patrick Vegt Partner – Owner @ GivaCard


An Animation Explainer Video is the most powerful tool to boost sales within your company. Wyzowl’s new research has shown that it ensures that the customer gains confidence in your product / service and therefore makes a purchase faster. Do you also want to achieve exponential growth in your sales? Do not wait any longer and contact us for more information! We like to think along with you.



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