Need an animation video? The whole process explained

Do you want to make an animation video (or have it made)? Good idea! Research shows that your target audience processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

Curious how that works exactly? Check out this article about why an animation video is indispensable for your company .

Making your own animation video takes a lot of time. Think, for example, of writing the script, making a storyboard and finally animating it. A time-consuming job, especially if you haven’t done it before. Fortunately, you can go to EVA. We make the perfect video for you.

Step 1: Coming up with the idea for an animation video

Everything starts with an idea. What exactly do you want to tell in your video? Are you going to use this video to put your brand on the map? Or do you want to sell a product or service? It is good to know in advance what kind of animation video you would like to make but a professional agency will certainly help you with that as well.

Vervolgens bespreken wij samen met jou alle video-ideeën. Op basis hiervan kijken we welk video pakket het beste bij jouw organisatie en boodschap past. Zo krijg je met ons Bronzen pakket een video in speelse cartoonstijl en zorgt een Gouden video voor een volledig op maat gemaakte animatievideo.

Step 2: Writing the script for an animation video

We have an idea and a package. Now we can get to work on the script. The input for this must come from you, of course. What story exactly do you want to tell? The most important thing is that, based on your input, we understand what you want to explain / tell in the video. From this input we then write the script and fine tune it together until everyone is completely satisfied.

Step 3: The in-depth meeting

Before we start animating, we have an in-depth meeting. In this online or offline meeting, we dive into the story and the visuals to be created together. The project manager presents the first video idea. In order to be able to empathize extra well, we ask some additional questions. After this meeting, we have all the information we need to get started.

Step 4: Creating the storyboard for an animation video

This step belongs to the Silver, Gold and Hybrid packages. For this, we create a static representation of the designs in the video. Storyboarding is mostly used in visually complex videos or movies. It gives a good idea of the final video.

We present the storyboard during a meeting. That way we can receive your feedback right away and incorporate it into the process.

Step 5: Creating the animation video

Based on the script and storyboard, the video comes to life with animations. All your wishes come together into one animation video. Besides the image, we also focus on the sound effects and, of course, the voice-over. You can choose from a variety of professional actors in whatever language you want.

Step 6: Delivering the video and revisions

An exciting step, because this is the moment you get to see the video! We use a handy tool for delivering the animation video. That tool allows you to give immediate online feedback. After this round of feedback, we get back to work on the next version. EVA works with unlimited revision rounds. So we will continue until you are completely satisfied with the animation video.

Step 7: Share the animation video on your platform

The video is ready! Now it’s time to share the animated video with your network. But what is the best place? Is it on your website, on YouTube or on another platform? We think along with you to make your video as effective as possible.

Do you want to know more about our working method and what types of videos we all make? Then take a look at this page .



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