More conversion with video: reel customers in

Ideally, you’d like to reel your potential customers in as quickly as possible and then sail on together. Is this converting leads with you already an automatic process or do they swim around your company boat endlessly?

More conversion with video: reel customers in

Higher conversion rates with video

Have you ever thought about video? With it, you grab your target audience by the neck. Video is the scroll stopper for that first impression, but is also an effective tool for increased conversion, getting customers to use your product effectively or even keeping your customers on board.

1. Persuasive power of video

‘Text is king, but video is god’. Texts help you get found in Google and provide complete information. Do you really want to convince? Then use video. Admittedly, the combination is golden. Our point: video grabs attention and powerful images make your message more memorable.

2. Show, don’t tell

How does a customer know if your brand suits him/her? Often this is determined by a brand’s mood, logo and colors. Secondarily, your target audience looks at the content. How do you best convey this? In our opinion, a video is best suited. You can design your video in such a way that it reinforces your brand.

3. Video is easy

By easy, we mean: your target audience has to make little effort to consume your information. A good video acts as a scroll stopper and then lets your target audience sit back comfortably. Bring on that information.  

4. Explainer videos are ferociously attractive

Video is appealing. Not for nothing is text supported with a visual or a video on almost every social media platform. Moreover, video is still favored by the algorithm and is thus widely distributed.

5. Video is shareable

Video is shareable. For yourself and your business channels, but also definitely for your target audience. If you share valuable and unique information, chances are your video will be shared by other accounts. Just like that, you run the risk of going viral. And the more reach, the more conversion.

Find your unique video style

The options of video are endless. Think of a 2D animation, a hybrid video (like NOS on 3), interactive video or “just” a real-life corporate video. Which style suits your organization? Find your own way or let us help you do so.

Create that indelible first impression

So do you want to increase your conversion rate? Then video is an effective way to introduce your potential customers to your service or product. We are here to help you with questions or to spar about your unique video sound!



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