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Every organization will recognize this. You have an important internal communication message that you want to share with employees. Of course you want this internal communication to come across well to the employees.

However, in order to achieve this, the message has to reach your employees in a certain way that will spark their interest to read it at all. Research by Forrester Research shows that the chances of an employee watching an internal communication explainer video is 75% higher than them reading an e-mail or a piece of text. This makes an explainer video for internal communication the perfect tool, if you really want your message to reach the employees 😉.

An internal communication explainer video can have different purposes. For example, it can be used to communicate internal change processes or the strategy or vision. But an internal video is also the perfect tool for HR communications, communicating a new tool or for helping new employees on their way through the onboarding process. In this blog we will briefly explain the various internal communication video options per topic.

Communicate internal change processes

Internal change processes can cause a lot of insecurities among employees. This is especially the case because of poor communication about changes within the company, which causes employees to not know where they stand. Regardless of the nature and extent of the changes, it is therefore extremely important that this is communicated in a clear way. The purpose of internal communication about change processes is for employees to understand how this change will affect their day-to-day work and what to expect.

An explainer video is a very suitable means to communicate such change processes internally. It offers the possibility to communicate the changes in a clear and fun way. If it does go too fast for the employee, he can replay the explainer video. In addition, an explainer video gives companies the opportunity to communicate change processes internally in a uniform manner. As a result, all employees have access to exactly the same information at the same time. This makes it clear to your staff regarding what is going to change and they are more open to it, because it is communicated in an accessible manner.

Internal communication strategy and vision

Particularly for the larger companies, it is necessary to also pay attention to internal marketing. This applies to the internal communication of the company strategy, mission and vision. Without proper internal marketing, there is a risk that a fragmented culture will develop within the company and that cohesion will be lost. And of course you don’t want that!

With an explainer video you can make sure that internal communication takes place simultaneously and in a uniform manner. This offers all layers within your organization the opportunity to be aware of the company strategy, mission and vision. And all this can be accomplished with an attractive explainer video of a few minutes at the most! With this knowledge, everyone within the company can continue to contribute to the realization of the mission and vision of your company.

HR internal communication

It is extremely important for HR departments to communicate internally with employees about HR-related matters. For example, the assessment process from the beginning to the end of the year. How can employees set and monitor personal goals? What role does management play in this? And through which channels can an employee report their complaints?

With a short but catchy explainer video you can answer all of these pressing questions. This offers more clarity on what is expected of everyone and there is no ambiguity about the HR processes within the company. This ensures stability and maintenance of satisfaction among the employees within your company.

Internal communication new tool or software?

Have you launched a new commercial tool or software? It is not only important to communicate this to the outside world, but also to internally communicate this. It is essential for your customer service or sales staff that they are aware of the existence of your new product and its functionalities. An explainer video is ideal for this. It ensures that your staff is informed of this in an interesting and uniform manner. Because the explainer video is both informative and entertaining, the information is absorbed much faster by your staff. If you receive questions about your new product from potential or existing customers, an explainer video can answer them easily and in a uniform manner.

In addition, with a communication explainer video you can also introduce internal tools or software, to increase efficiency and teamwork. Think of a new CRM or employee evaluation system. Again, it is important to inform employees as clearly as possible about the (upcoming) changes. An internal communication explainer video will help you achieve this.


Internal training is a common onboarding activity within most companies. It is important that new employees are inducted into the company as quickly and efficiently as possible. With an explainer video you can ensure that the new acquisitions within your company are presented with all essential basic information in an attractive way.

Firstly, this ensures that the new employee immediately developes a stronger bond with your company. Secondly, this saves your other colleagues a lot of valuable time: the basic knowledge has already been obtained through the explainer video.


An explainer video is a powerful means of communicating effectively with your staff. As mentioned, an explainer video can be used for internal communication, to support internal change processes, company strategy and vision, HR-related matters, new tools and onboarding processes.

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