Interactive video sucks the viewer into your brand

What do you do when all marketing efforts do not give you the desired result? Do you keep spending more in hopes of better results? Or is it time for a fresh strategy?

More and more is expected of companies. The target group counts on personalization and wow moments. Interaction with a company should be an ‘experience’ and have value. Just ‘sending’, as marketers have done for years with banners, advertisements and advertisements, is no longer sufficient.

Focus on experience

When thinking of the ‘experiences’ you want to offer in your marketing strategy, also think about interactive video. You are probably already familiar with animation video and the power of this content form. Interactive video is the superlative. With this you create an experience or even an adventure, in which the viewer himself plays the leading role. A real magnet in the overcrowded content landscape.

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is becoming increasingly popular for a reason. They are dynamic videos, in which the viewer is given control over some steps in the animation. Because of the choices the viewer makes, the video takes a different turn.

The viewer’s choice, of course, always lies with the creator of the video. You decide what the viewers can choose from and in this way steer them in the ‘right’ direction. You don’t lose control, while you do give them the feeling of being in control. This is possible in animation videos with interactive buttons, clickable overlays, links and forms during the video.

What makes interactive video successful?

Interaction increases engagement. You combine the convincing power of video with the activating power of interaction. If you make decisions yourself, you also want to know what the outcome will be. Viewers are also more likely to accept the offer after the video.

In addition, the participant also remembers your message better, because interactive video stimulates the brain: hearing, seeing and doing. Viewers become participants and it will therefore come as no surprise that it increases your conversion.

2 examples of interactive video

With interactive video, the possibilities are endless. Creativity and a differentiating factor are important. Those factors can be found in these two examples.

1. Interactive country map of Koffiesupply

Koffiesupply wants to draw attention to its products in a strict and unique way of working. Preferably with information about the beans from different countries. A video should of course not be too long, so the choice fell on interactive video.

The video incorporates an interactive world map, on which the viewer can click for more information about coffee and beans from a specific area. An order button has also been incorporated at the end of the video, so that the viewer can immediately order a sample pack.

2. Product selection in video

Dutch Crowd Security noticed that its website was viewed well, but that a quote was not always requested. Is it perhaps not entirely clear to visitors which services are offered? Dutch Crowd Security wanted to optimize this step.

Interactive animation video was chosen to explain all security services in one video and in a clear way. By making the video clickable, the viewer chooses more information about a specific service. Clickable buttons have been added after each part of the video, allowing the viewer to contact them directly.

Do you want your own interactive video made?

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