Innovative explainer videos with presenter: a smashing success

An explainer video with a presenter on YouTube with 1.9 million unique views. An unachievable dream? No. ‘NOS op 3’ managed to successfully switch from a regular TV program to explainers last year. In this video they explain one current topic to people in their twenties and thirties who no longer watch TV. And this turns out to be a resounding success.

Innovatieve explainer video met presentator

Explainer videos make complicated topics simple

The explainer video is used by NOS to explain complicated topics. For example, what is the IMF agreement, how does the corona virus work and what is going on in the oil industry? Sometimes the explainer is also intended as an overarching story. They are now extremely popular, because the videos explain complex problems and topics in a clear way.

Innovative explainer videos

Explainer videos are of course not new, but you rarely see the way ‘NOS op 3’ uses the videos. And that’s why it stands out. A presenter in front of a green screen is combined with real video images and animations. This makes the video stand out and holds the attention longer.

The general view on online video is that it should not last longer than 1 minute. This would be the viewer’s average attention span. That trend seems to be changing. The videos of NOS last at least 3 minutes. And one of the most recent explainers was even more than 8 minutes. In just 5 days, this video has already reached 145,389 people, which is incredible.

Use this link to watch the explainer videos from NOS on 3.

Riding on the success of NOS op 3

Your organization can also benefit from the success of these explainer videos from ‘NOS op 3’. A real presenter in an animation video gives your company personality. The animations then make it attractive and dynamic.

With an explainer video you can touch on a topic that your organization stands for, what you want to educate your customer about and/or in what field you want to be known as a knowledge partner. For example, think of a company with solar panels. They want to claim thought leadership in the market and at the same time help their private customers and installers with the installation of solar panels and the installation of the meter box. They do this by using an explainer video. A presenter takes the viewer along in the process and meanwhile images and animations make it clear how the customer can install the solar panels themselves. This service and free information ensures that the viewer is much more likely to buy their solar panels from this company than from the competitor. After all, they have presented their company as a knowledge partner and the customer knows that he can rely on them for good advice.

But in addition, think of a platform or tool that needs to be explained. For example, we created the explainer video below for the service platform Trustoo in which a presenter gives a brief explanation, supported by animations of the platform.

Have an explainer video made

Are you curious about what this type of animation videos can do for you? EVA offers the possibility to combine a real presenter, in combination with images and animation. So that dream of 1.9 million unique views is also within your reach.

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