Increase your sales with an animation video

Of course you are looking for ways to increase your sales. You have undoubtedly heard about the power of video for your marketing and sales. If not: click here to read about concrete results of an animation video for your company.

In this article, we’ll tell you what animation videos can do for your business. What are the advantages? What kind of videos can you use? And what should you pay attention to when making a video?

The benefits of an animation video

1. An animation video is suitable for every company in every industry

It doesn’t matter which industry or sector your company is in. An animation video works for any company in any industry. Everyone has to explain products or services to people. This ensures that an animation explainer video is always an excellent and customer-oriented choice.

2. An animation video demonstrates the products in action

Customers prefer to see a product in action before purchasing it. This is somewhat more difficult with software products, because the only way that customers can actually see the products is by purchasing and trying them. However, with an animation video it is still possible to visualize your software product. We often use a combination of animations and screenshots or screenrecordings for this. This gives the potential customer instantly an idea of what to expect from the product, which results in more sales.

3. An animation video is SEO proof

Due to the large amount of similar companies and enterprises, it is difficult to stand out online. If you want to increase your sales figures, then you should think about the SEO value of your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that with various techniques, the visibility of your website will be optimized and your site will be easy to find on the internet. For example, the position of your website within the Google search results will be much higher.

Do you know that research has shown that websites with a video of more than 5 minutes are viewed longer than websites without video? Something that Google likes very much. This makes video the ideal addition if you want to make your website easier to find among your target group, in order to increase your sales!

4. An animation video provides more conversion

Using an animation video will also increase the conversion on your website. According to Unbounce , video will increase the conversion by up to 80%. This is mainly due to the fact that the videos capture the viewer’s attention and give a sense of confidence to the site visitors. That way, your potential customers will feel a lot more comfortable on the website, and as a result they will make a faster purchase or contact you.

In addition, your customers are people, and people are generally lazy. Therefore, they would rather watch a video than have to read your website texts.

What type of videos can you use

When it comes to using an animation video, there are plenty of different types to choose from. We have listed some of them below for you.

Tutorial videos

Tutorial or demo videos are great if you want to promote and explain software or an app. They allow you to show the exact features of your app or software through an on-screen demonstration. This is perfect for new users, people just love to learn through video. In fact, 96% of people say that they watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Ideal if you want to educate the customer a bit.

Interactive videos

Interactive videos ensure that your customer not only looks at your video statically, but can also use it to interact. Think of a personal route through your video, filling in forms directly in the video or adding clickable buttons. Adding interactivity to your video will make it 32% more effective than normal videos.

Keep an eye on our website!

We are busy adding this cool interactive video style to our portfolio. We will keep you up to date with news about this via our social channels. Or send us a message if you want to know more.

Videos for your (new) customers

Videos are great for acquiring new customers, but they can also be used as an added value to the existing customers. After a customer has bought something on your site, you can choose to send a video message with, for example, the confirmation email in which the process is further explained. A company that knows how to do this very well is Coolblue, they make a lot of use of videos for marketing.

The best tips for using video

Now you know the benefits of using an animation video and what type of videos there are, it’s time to look at the best tips for getting the animation video made.

Choose the correct length

We always recommend keeping the video as short as possible, but to implement everything you want to communicate to the viewer. The structure of the video is very important in this. By using the “Problem – Solution – Explanation – Action” structure, we start by providing insights into your customer’s problem. This causes a Lock-in in the video, because a customer who has a problem and recognizes this problem in the first seconds of a video, will absolutely be triggered to watch the video for the solution. Most of the videos we make are around 1.5 minutes. We believe that it is the ideal length for a commercial video that will help increase your sales. Although this differs per case, of course and at what stage of the sales cycle the viewer of the video is. An existing customer in a B2B environment, who has just purchased a product will have a much longer attention span. However, a casual passer-by who visits your website for the first time, who came to your website via your advertisement and sees your video, will have a shorter attention span.

Upload your video on YouTube / Vimeo

By putting your video on YouTube from Vimeo, you can also make your video easier to find in search engines . It’s free exposure, so please do so. Always provide a link to your website in the comments of your video on these platforms.

Optimize your video

Since there are already millions of videos on YouTube and Vimeo, it is important that you compete with the other videos that appeal to your target groups. You can optimize your video in different ways. For example, think of using the right keywords. These are keywords of your customers that you want to be found on. Also consider selecting a good thumbnail for your video. This is the first image shown before your video is clicked on. This is important and should increase interest.

Also provide a good description of the video in which you implement the keywords. You can also mention your website URL here, so that the viewer can be instantly directed to your website. We are always happy to help our customers with this after delivery of the video.

Make it easy for people to share your video

Sharing a video is an excellent way to get the message out to even more people. However, we still notice that some companies lock the videos, so they cannot be shared. This is of course far from useful, because this way you miss a lot of free promotion. So make sure that your video can be shared on all kinds of social media, this will give much better results.

Choose a professional Explainer video agency and don’t pay too much for your video

Traditional animation video production companies charge high fees for their services. This is understandable, because these companies draw and animate each scene of their videos themselves. This often looks great and is fun for large companies that work with large budgets.

But obviously, startups and SMEs cannot afford these amounts. Ultimately it’s about the story and the message of your animation video. Whether the character in the video is drawn for your company or whether it already existed is not a concern for your customers …

EVA Explainer Video Agency was founded in 2016 to create high quality animation videos for every budget. Watch our videos and rates here and feel free to contact us for more information.

Your own animation video is finally affordable.



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