Hybrid videos with AI presentor

Hybrid videos with a presenter and added animations have become increasingly popular since the NOSop3 explainers. Within EVA Explainer Video Agency, we have also noticed this trend through the numerous requests we receive for our hybrid videos, based on the NOSop3 explainers. However, creating hybrid videos can be time-consuming. This is not an issue for shorter video projects of 10-15 minutes, but for longer videos, it can become costly for this reason.

And then there was AI…

It is widely agreed that AI is helping us work more efficiently. ChatGPT has caused a wave of impact, and most organizations are already benefiting from it. AI has also made its way into the field of video production, particularly with AI presenters. And wow! The results already look incredibly realistic. Of course, you can still tell that it’s an AI presenter, but for certain use cases (more on that later in this article), it’s truly a great solution.

Here is an example of an AI presenter with added animations.

What are AI Presentors?

AI presenters are virtual hosts who can guide viewers through a video and explain a concept in a clear and concise manner. At the time of writing, there are already over 60 different avatars to choose from, allowing you to select a presenter that matches the visual identity of your organization.

The voice-overs can be generated by AI or recorded by a ‘real’ voice-over professional and then utilized by the AI presenters. This approach allows you to ensure the tone-of-voice of your organization is well-preserved.

Adding animations to AI videos

After the AI presenter has completed their role, we proceed to add animations to the recordings. This process visually supports the story in the video, enhancing the message for the viewer’s retention. The level and extent of animations can vary for each video project. Some videos benefit from a higher volume of animations, while others may only require occasional animations. For this reason, we have divided the addition of animations into three packages with different rates: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can find more information about these packages on the AI hybrid video page on our website.

AI hybrid video use-cases

AI Safety instruction videos

Safety in the workplace is incredibly important and one of the key pillars for manufacturing companies, among others. Safety instruction videos are usually longer videos, and often there are multiple topics that need to be covered in a video. By using AI hybrid videos as safety instruction videos, you ensure that the message resonates much better with the target audience, ultimately aiming to improve workplace safety.

AI training videos

Video content for training employees is an excellent way to educate colleagues or keep them updated on new developments. Take, for example, healthcare organizations where staff is often extensively trained in medical procedures or patient care. Or consider more general HR instructions. All these examples often involve longer videos, making hybrid videos with an AI presenter a perfect solution.

AI Onboarding videos

For new employees, the onboarding period is crucial but can also be overwhelming. A lot of new information is being presented, and expecting to remember everything right away is unrealistic. Onboarding videos can greatly assist new employees in reviewing the information in a structured manner. Given the abundance of information, including videos, this is a perfect use case for AI hybrid videos, potentially combined with interactive video elements.

AI Hybrid videos: efficiënt and scalable

AI hybrid videos provide an affordable and efficient solution for producing longer hybrid videos. Expensive and time-consuming green screen studio recording days can be entirely eliminated and replaced by a choice of an AI presenter. One of the key advantages of AI hybrid videos is scalability. They can be created quickly, making them ideal for organizations that want to leverage a large number of hybrid videos.

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