How do you place a link in your LinkedIn video?

A video attracts attention and thus is the place for a nice call to action. Previously, if you posted the video on social media, you had to include this call to action in the text. Since a recent update, this is no longer necessary for LinkedIn. There, you now simply place the link in the LinkedIn video itself. And that creates momentum for your call to action, because the viewer can go straight to the page where you want them to go. How do you place such a link in your LinkedIn video? We share the roadmap.


Why a link in your LinkedIn video is a good idea

Before we share the steps with you, let’s list the benefits for you. Posting a video directly on LinkedIn is a good idea anyway. Such a video is much better distributed by the platform than if you embed the video in your post with a link from YouTube or Vimeo. If you upload the video to LinkedIn, you can also use the links in the video. This gives you both extra visibility and an opportunity to share your website or page. So: more visitors to your website.

By placing a link in your video, the viewer is more likely to execute this call to action. Say you make a video promoting a product or service and after the video the viewer sees that there is more information on your website. Then a link like this ensures that people can get started there right away. If they first have to read the post after watching it to look for the link, then you are losing valuable time and attention. After all, a viewer always goes for convenience. The more time or effort something takes, the faster he/she will scroll on again. So a link in your video is a good idea.

Before you begin

At the time of writing (21-2-2023), posting a link in your LinkedIn video is only possible through the mobile app. Unfortunately, this functionality has not yet crossed over to the desktop or web version. So keep your phone at the ready, because here we go!

Would you rather watch a video on how to post such a link? We also made a screen recording. You can find it at the bottom of the step-by-step guide.

1. Go to “Places.

On LinkedIn’s home page, you’ll see five icons at the bottom: Home, My Network, Posts, Notifications and Jobs. To post an image or video, go to Post.

2. Click on “Record Video.

You are now at the place where you can write a contribution. You will see on your screen a number of options that you can add to your text. For example, you can add a photo, video or document here. We want to upload an existing video. It feels illogical, but you have to click “Include Video” for this step. Don’t panic, you don’t have to record your entire video on the spot now.

3. Click on the image icon.

Right now, your phone’s camera is on. You see three icons at the bottom: an image, a video camera and a still camera. If you click on the video camera, you start recording a video. If you click on the photo camera, you take a picture. The image will take you to your gallery.

Pay close attention to which icon is in the middle. Is it the red movie camera? Then the image icon will take you to your video gallery. Is it the blue still camera in the middle? Then the image icon will take you to your photo gallery. So click the image icon only when the red movie camera is in the middle as you can see in the screenshot below.

4. Select the video

You can now select the video you want. When recording or creating a video, sometimes you have multiple versions of the same video. In this step, make sure you select the correct video.

5. Putting the link in the LinkedIn video

Once you have selected the video, then you can make final edits. With the scissors at the bottom you shorten the video and with the T you enter text. In the third place you see the link icon. You need this if you want to put a link in the LinkedIn video. You can choose from three different options: an external website, a person on LinkedIn and a page on LinkedIn. You can also add multiple links. Just keep in mind that the video will also be viewable.

6. Setting the LinkedIn video link

Suppose you want to link to a page on your website. You copy the link from the page and paste it at ‘URL’. If you save it now, you will see (part of) the link in your video.

More effective is to add a call to action to your link. Think ‘Go to our website’ or ‘Click here for more information’. You can add this custom text under ‘URL’, under ‘Text of link’.

Would you like to remove a link? Or maybe change the text? Then drag the link to the trash can at the bottom of your screen. Now you can add a new link again.

7. Is everything all right?

Last icon at the bottom you have the sticker. This means you can add stickers to your video. Use these sparingly, because before you know it, your screen will be full. Less is more!

Check one last time to make sure everything is correct. Did you select the right video? Is the sound working? Is the link you posted working? And is it in the right place? Once you’ve checked off this list, you can move on. To do this, click “Next.

8. Posting your LinkedIn video with link

Finally, you want a short text to accompany your video. Why should the viewer really see your video? You can also repeat the call to action from your video in the text. That way, even non-viewers are clear about what is being asked in the video.

Watch a screen capture of how to add a link to your LinkedIn video step by step here.

A professional video with EVA

You now know how to put a link in your LinkedIn video. It’s an effective way to get people to take immediate action after watching it. Now all that remains is to create the video for posting on LinkedIn. Need help creating such a video? Then check out what EVA can do for you on this page.



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