How do I put chapters in my YouTube video

It probably might sound familiar to you. You want to watch a specific part in a YouTube video, but after endless scrolling you haven’t found the fragment yet. In the end, you watch the full video just one more time. This is frustrating and no longer needed! YouTube has introduced the ‘chapters’ function and in this article we explain how to place these chapters in your YouTube video.

How this works? You can now tag your video on YouTube. That way, the viewer can jump directly to a specific part of the video. This can be very useful, especially with longer videos, in which you discuss different topics. It’s not difficult, but you just have to know how to do it. We explain how it works and provide you with a number of tips.

Chapters in a video provide structure for the maker and practicality for the viewer. We have been adding chapters to videos for our customers for some time through our interactive video feature. More information about interactive video can be found via the link or read the article here: “Interactive video sucks the viewer into your brand”

Navigation in a video

Do you want to provide an optimal experience to your viewers, including the freedom to skip certain parts of the video? Then add chapters. The feature, which up until now was only available through YouTube, allows the viewer to navigate to that part of the content that interests them with just the click of a button.

Another advantage of the chapter division is that it makes the video easier to find. This is a favorable result of the many keywords that you include in the description. We first explain how to navigate in a video with chapters and then how to apply it yourself.

1. The progress bar

You can easily jump to another part of the video by clicking on the progress bar. The name of the part of the video you hover over becomes visible, so you know exactly where you’re navigating to. Click on the block to view that part.

Add Chapters-to-YouTube-Video-EVA-Explainer-Video-Agency

2. The description

You can also navigate in the video by clicking on the different times in the description. Once you click on a blue tag, the video will jump to that specific part.

Add Chapters-to-YouTube-Video-Description-EVA-Explainer-Video-Agency

A video is an effective way to provide your target audience with information, to entertain or to motivate. By providing the video with chapter tags, you give a better idea of ​​the content, which can spark the interest of the target group.

Do you want to know what other advantages a video has? Read the blog: ‘New research on animation videos!’

Add chapters to your YouTube video in 4 steps

Step 1

Adding chapter tags to your video takes little effort. Step 1 is to make a list for yourself with the times of the different chapters.

Step 2

To enter the chapters in step 2, click on the pencil ‘details’ of the video in which you want to add the tags. See below where exactly you can find this option.

Add Chapters-to-YouTube-Video-3-EVA-Explainer-Video-Agency

Step 3

In step 3 you add the different times with the titles to the description. Do this as follows, in which you first indicate the time on which the relevant chapter starts. Then put the title of the chapter behind it.

Add Chapters-to-YouTube-Video-4-EVA-Explainer-Video-Agency

Step 4

Save your changes and then always double check if your chapters are correct.

Add Chapters-to-YouTube-Video-5-EVA-Explainer-Video-Agency

Final tips before adding chapters to your YouTube video

There are a few things to consider before uploading your video with chapter tags. It’s only 3 small points, but without these tips it simply won’t work!

  1. To use video chapters, the first timestamp in your list must start with 00:00.
  2. Your video must have at least three timestamps.
  3. Each timestamp must be at least ten seconds long.


Adding chapters to your YouTube video is easy and ensures better findability and makes it easier to use. The viewers can decide for themselves which part of the video they wants to see by navigating via the progress bar or the description. Would you like to know more about videos, marketing or are you interested in an affordable animation video? Then make sure to contact us. We are happy to help you! You can reach us on 020 261 2489, send an email to or fill in our contact form via the button below.



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