Concrete results of an Explainer animation video for your company

When we speak to customers, often SME entrepreneurs, we are often asked about measurable successes of animation video for companies. For example: “To what extent does an animation video lead to more customers?” And; “Do you have any figures showing that an animation video is successful?”

We thought it would be good to dedicate an article to this, with studies of respected marketing companies from home and abroad and of course our own experience.

Verschillende richtingenBefore we dive into the numbers: people are getting busier these days and everything online is fleeting. Nobody takes the time to read long texts/content, before making a decision about a product or a service. This is risky, because your potential customers check-out, before they even understand what your company stands for and what problem your service or product can solve. That’s a pity of course…

The first impression

A good first impression, in which you instill confidence, is therefore extra important.

An animation video is ideal for this. It briefly explains what you or your company stands for and which problem it solves for your customer. In addition, images are also processed many times faster by our brains than text, which increases the chances of grabbing the attention of your potential customers and a higher engagement.

The figures of animation video

Let’s dive into a few numbers that will show you, why an animation video is a good addition to your marketing strategy.

– Viewers remember up to 95% of a message, if it is presented by video compared to only 10%, if this is presented by text only. (Insivia)

4 out of 5 consumers find video useful. (Marketingfacts)

72% of consumers prefer to learn more about a product or service by watching video. (HubSpot)

22% visit the website after watching a video. (Marketingfacts)

– Social media posts with video are 48% more viewed. (HubSpot)

62% of consumers indicate that they are more interested in a product after seeing a Facebook Story.(Marketing Land)

– The turnover can grow up to 49% faster by applying videos by marketers. (Marketingfacts)

52% of the marketers say that video is the best content for return. (Marketingfacts)

– Your website will have up to 300% more visitors, because of the increased clicks on your e-mails by adding a video. (HubSpot)

– Videos show a significant grow ( up to 300% ) of more traffic to your website and in addition, consumers spend more time on your website. (MarketingSherpa, Wistia)

Conversion percentages ranging from 64% up to 86% are mentioned if you have a video on your landing page. (Wordstream, Hubspot)

Not bad right?!

Video marketing can be very useful for your company. Our customers often speak of a much larger reach on Social Media, than with only images and text, with an increase in visitors (traffic) to the website and a demonstrably longer stay on the website with video than without.

The duration of a visit on your website is also an important aspect for Google to rank your website higher in search results . An animation video on your landing page indirectly ensures a higher ranking within Google!

Customer feedback from our customers

The best reactions come from our customers’ customers. This is where the real impact is made.

We hear from our customers a lot about their appearance being much more professional with an animation Explainer video. One of the best feedback we recently received from a customer was as following:

“My appointment was already in the meeting room, a new customer with a large delegation. So exciting. While I was making coffee, I already turned on the animation video that explains our services and the platform. After 2 minutes, I had served the coffee and I sat down. At the end of the video, I looked around and saw happy faces everywhere. The video was received very well and the appointment was a success before it even started! ”


An Explainer / instruction video focuses on your customer by making your product / service / platform or app understandable. Think about what you want to get from a supplier: a PDF or emails with textual explanations (which you do not read anyway) or a clear video of a few minutes…?



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