Video content: what makes it interesting for your business?


While scrolling through all the different social media platforms, you come across a banquet of video content. Something for everyone. Why is video content so evident on these channels and could it be of interest to your business as well?

3 reasons why video content will boost your business


Did you know that by 2022, people will watch an average of 19 hours of videos online per week? As an organization, you can make smart use of that! In this blog, we give you as a marketer 3 reasons why video will boost your business.

How do you place a link in your LinkedIn video?

A video attracts attention and is therefore the place for a nice call to action. Previously, if you posted the video on social media, you had to include this call to action in the text. Since a recent update, this is no longer necessary for LinkedIn.

Right to Repair: show it with an animated video  

Right to Repair

Fix appliances yourself when they are broken? This can be difficult for consumers if they are not technically inclined. Since 2021, Right to Repair has existed throughout the European Union. But do your customers know how to carry out such a repair?