5x why you should tell your story with a corporate video

A corporate video, also known as a live action video, is an ideal way to showcase your business. Whether it’s an informational video or a video in which you want to showcase a product or service. Why should you choose a corporate video? We give you 5 reasons why your business needs a corporate video.

corporate video

1. You give an inside look

Or well, the kitchen… It could be any place. On the shop floor, at a client’s house, in the office or somewhere outdoors. You can actually think of a corporate video as your moving business card or pitch. You show your (future) customers who is behind the company and it gives them a first impression. Have you caught the viewer’s attention? Then the step to a contact moment is much smaller.

2. A corporate video says more than 1,000 words

It sounds cliché, but it’s really true; a picture says more than a thousand words. With a video you convey the right tone of voice, you can work with intonations and you set the mood. This way you can give your customers a demonstration, convince them or provide them with the information they need in an approachable way. The future customer only has to click “play. Besides being approachable to watch, a video is usually easy to understand.

3. A video makes google happy

Are you already familiar with VSEO? Video SEO makes your video more visible and findable in Google. Google loves videos. If you have a video on your page or site, Google will pick it up quickly. This is very beneficial for your company’s position in the search engine. The better the video is viewed, the higher your page will rank in the search results. Besides, doesn’t everyone get happy from videos?

4. Increased attention and engagement on social channels

Not only do videos do well on Google. It is also an ideal medium for posting on social channels. Recently, video quality on these channels has improved significantly. This makes video an even more important component. If you post a good video and it is viewed frequently, you will see your engagement grow rapidly. You can even go viral with your video.

5. Last but not least: promotie

A corporate video is the ideal way to build brand awareness. In the video, you can clearly show who you are, what you do and what makes your service or product so unique. It is the way to distinguish yourself from competition. In addition, it works as a magnet for customers. As stated in point one: a corporate video is the business card for your company and creates an honest (first) impression.

Animation or live action corporate video?

Did you know that we offer two types of corporate videos? For example, you have the real footage/live action corporate video or an animated video. An animated video is perfect for business service providers or other business-to-business companies, for example. In some cases, a corporate video with real images of your work environment and people is a better choice than animation. The great advantage of a real images corporate video is that you can give an inside look.

Have we convinced you? And are you ready to make a corporate video? Then feel free to contact us for the possibilities.



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