5 reasons why an animation video is essential for your company

More and more companies have added an animation video to their website and content strategy for a reason. A website with only text and images is simply no longer enough. Think about how you surf on the world wide web. Do you still take the time to read texts/content on a website or in a social media message in detail? Or are you looking for video clips, images and titles? I thought so… In this blog I will give you 5 reasons why an animation video is essential for your company and why it is such a fantastic tool in your (online) marketing strategy.

1. Perfect for social media

The role of social media in our lives is still increasing every year. Nowadays there is no company that can completely ignore social media, but your target audience does not pay attention to a written Facebook message or Tweet. An animation video is the perfect way to reach and activate the attention of your audience. In addition, your animation video on Facebook and LinkedIn will now automatically play for everyone who scrolls past it. So your potential customer doesn’t even have to click on ‘play’ to watch your video!

2. Easy to share

An animation video is not tied to one specific platform. You can share the video on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other platform of your choice. This allows the viewer to share your product with his or her network with just one push of a button! Are you jealous of the videos that go viral on your Facebook page? This may be your chance!

3. Explain your product

Some products or services are not easy to explain. By making it visual you can display a clear presentation of the application of your product or service. People process and understand text/content faster when it is visually supported. Research has shown that people remember information when they see it, 5 times better than when they hear it alone.

4. Grab the attention!

Nobody wants to have a dusty website. In a failed attempt to make a website more fun, many companies use flashy animations or lots of images. This only confuses the visitor and makes loading times frustrating. Why don’t you just use an animation video? It gives your website an organised look and you can still put everything you want to say in the video.

5. Your brain is made for visual information!

Not convinced yet? Then you will certainly be after this point: research has shown that visual information is processed 60,000! times faster by our brains than text. And video provides 4 times more conversion or engagement than static content! Why am I still writing this down?

The good news is that an animation video is no longer just reserved for that select group of companies that are willing to pay € 5,000 or more for an animation video.

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