5 examples to effectively use Explainer animation videos for your existing customers

For most companies it is no longer a secret that video is an effective medium to explain what they are all about. And more importantly, it has the power to sell the product or service that is on display.

In short: video is great to attract new customers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But did you know that another crucial audience is often completely overlooked? I’m talking about your existing customers. Your focus is probably on attracting new customers. Which isn’t that absurd! I may be kicking in an open door here, but most companies invest far too little in their current customer base and miss out on opportunities.

Video is popular among your customers

If you want to communicate information to your customers about your company, service or product, then video might be an excellent choice as it is the most popular way of communication among your customers. Whether because you solve a problem for your customers, or that you answer a frequently asked question. Video is the medium that really allows your message to reach your customers.

– Converting new customers is silver, but retaining customers and developing them into supporters of your brand is worth gold.

– Attracting a new customers costs up to 5 times as much as retaining one, and it is 14 times easier to sell something to an existing customer than to a new customer.

– Research has shown time and time again that satisfied customers make a new or repeat purchase more often and spend substantially more.

Not bad, right?

Do you go the extra mile to keep them satisfied, do you address to their wishes and needs, and do you give them a positive impression of your company? Then there is a good chance that your customers will become friends or supporters and promote your company to their business relations, friends and family. There is nothing like good word of mouth!

5 Examples of videos for customers

1. Instruction videos

One of the biggest annoyances when you purchase a (digital) product or subscription is that you do not understand how it actually works. You often get a manual, but these often cover dozens of pages, which means that you immediately lose heart. Do you include such manuals with your products? Then please be aware that these aren’t the most customer-friendly choice, as nobody reads them from A to Z and customers often only experience manuals as something annoying while they should find them helpful.

What does work? A video that explains the operation of your (digital) product, platform or tooling in a simple and detailed manner. Step by step you take the viewer on a visual tour in which you, possibly with screen recordings (if you’re offering a software program, tooling, app or website), clearly explain your product.

We recently made a video like this for the digital healthcare knowledge platform “Ask Expertise”. View the video below that dummy-proof explains how to create a profile after you sign up.

2. An animated explainer video for complex purchase and return procedures

No company can afford poor service. The purchase of a product must go smoothly; an annoyed customer is the last thing you want. In addition, a complicated return process means that people are even less inclined to make a purchase at all whilst if they might have to return something.

Below you can view a purchase process video we created for the webshop Jouwballonnen.nl (in Dutch).

A complex question can often be easily explained and solved with a clear Explainer video. By using video you save customers a – often annoying – phone call to customer service and at the same time save your colleagues a lot of work. A “Consumer Experience” survey from 2015 shows that 1/3 of customers would rather clean a toilet than contact someone from customer service. I rest my case.

3. An animated Explainer video to train your team

Your staff or colleagues are the heart of your organization. The more you train and train them, the better your company will perform. One of the most famous quotes from top entrepreneur Richard Branson (Virgin Group) is:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Video content is the perfect way for your team to better understand your product or service. In this way they sell more effectively and they can more professionally answer customer questions according to the guidelines of your organization which in turn ensures that your customers are better helped.

4. Onboarding of new employees by means of an animated explainer video

But also think of new employees. A cool introduction video about your company’s culture or ways of working within certain departments are also an option and are super effective. This way, you ensure that your new colleagues feel at home as quickly as possible within the organization and that they familiarize themselves with both the culture and work ethic. Undoubtedly, your customers will ultimately also benefit from this.

5. Say “thank you” in an Explainer video

A very simple concept but always highly appreciated. You usually say thank you after you’ve received something or someone has done something for you. Not that absurd, right?

The same applies to companies. Say thank you after a customer has bought something or, for example, has extended his contract. Or thank your customers but also your colleagues during Christmas for a year of hard work.

Have a look at the promotional video for Christmas below that we launched last December.

This may all sound very logical, but it is not that obvious. Clients (and employees) are often taken for granted, while these two groups are precisely why your company is able to exist! Videos are the perfect tool to convey your gratitude in a fun and effective way.

For example, we have recently created various “thank you” videos, including below video to thank departing colleague Jacques Wintermans, director at Meesman Indexbeleggen.


In this article you will find just a few examples that demonstrate what video can mean for your communication and relationship with your customers. Let your creativity run free – I am sure you can come up with many more cool ideas.

Do you want to talk or brainstorm about this? Great! Feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help you on your way!



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