4 stunning results of video marketing for your business

Video marketing is a very effective tool for getting your message across the stage. This powerful tool should not be missing from the arsenal of the modern marketer these days. You probably arrived on this page with that thought in mind. But what specifically can it do for you and your goals?


First, images stick better than text. More and more companies are therefore replacing written manuals and instructions for animated videos, or they are supplementing the written texts with video. What do you think your future customer would rather do: read an instruction or watch a video?

We see animation videos producing great results for our clients. We mention 4 of them.

1. Video increases your credibility

The Internet is unfortunately full of scams. A website with some text and images is set up in no time by a scammer. One wrong click and you’re screwed. As a result, people have become (rightly) cautious. Videos help your online credibility go a step forward. Why? A video shows that you as a company have invested time and money. But a good meet the team real images video also works wonders. People do business with people and not stock photos.

2. Video improves your SEO position

What makes your website rank (sustainably) high in Google? Here’s a tip: it’s not the ads. An important indicator of your SEO position is the ‘time on page’, in other words: how long do visitors stay on your website? A long visit, according to Google, means that visitors find your website interesting. And what keeps you from clicking straight to the next website? Exactly. Video.

Google also owns the largest video platform in the world: YouTube. Therefore, a good video on YouTube also means a prodigious increase in your Google ranking and can also come up in search results on its own.

3. Video increases conversions

A lot of research has been done on it and the results don’t lie: video drives 4x more conversion than static content. Video is not only the scroll stopper on your website or social media, but also a very effective means of explaining your product or service to customers. Once the target audience clearly understands your product and sees the results, they are more likely to make a purchase.

4. Video sticks better

Tell more with fewer words. Sometimes something, which requires a lot of text, is very easy to portray. And once you have an image for a concept, you remember it better, too. Research shows that nearly 90% of YouTube users use the platform to find explainer videos.

With video, you make complicated topics simple. The American news platform Vox is a great example. Using animation and video, journalists make complex problems understandable. That earned the company more than 10 million YouTube subscribers. Netflix got excited and the successful documentary series Explained was born.

Domestically, NOS on 3 also saw the light. They began 3 years ago to produce short explainer videos for those in their twenties and thirties who no longer watch TV. One current topic per video. What do you think? A resounding success.

Everyone’s doing it

Perhaps not the very best reason to start video marketing, but certainly one of the most enjoyable. Do you ever suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? In this case, we think it’s quite justified. Everyone uses video to achieve goals. And for a reason. Even government agencies are increasingly using video and animation to communicate with citizens. And it works. When do you start?

Want to (have) a video made yourself?

A good video marketing strategy is a powerful marketing tool for any business. From attracting attention and generating leads to engaging existing customers. Video can do it all. You really can’t ignore it in the digital age.

Already convinced that your business can’t do without video either? Great, we’ll help you on your way with our Ultimate animation video checklist. Or read our e-book on making an explainer video here. In no time you will have the very best animation video to achieve your video marketing goal.



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