3 reasons why video content will boost your business

Did you know that people will watch an average of 19 hours of video online per week by 2022? You can make smart use of that as an organization! In previous blog we wrote about how you can get more conversion with your video and what the psychology behind the success of video is. In this blog we give you as a marketer 3 reasons why video content will boost your business.

1. Video content is popular among marketers

Wyzowl recently published its 2022 video statistics. Among other things, it showed that 92% of marketers surveyed consider video content an important part of their content strategy. So chances are you are 1 of them!

The video below from SOLVM is an example of a commercial video in our bronze video package. This video has been given a prominent place on SOLVM’s website and is used in social media campaigns and during (online) appointments.

2. Video makes difficult topics understandable

Difficult subjects are often difficult to put into words. The outcome? A long piece of text. The longer the text, the more likely your reader is to drop out. And, of course, you don’t want that. Videos can also make difficult topics visual, making them easier to understand.

An example of this is the video we were asked to make for QuTech, part of Delft University of Technology. QuTech is leading the world in the development of Quantum technology. To announce a new breakthrough, an article was written which is further explained by the animation video we made below.

3. Video content generates more traffic

87% of marketers report that videos generate a lot of traffic. These marketers have also found that video content helps generate leads. When watching a video, visitors stay on a page longer than if they were to quickly read through a text. In addition, people share video content much faster than an article or text.

Here we can cite another example: the video from Valantic. This hybrid video explains the term hyperpersonalization. In addition to this longer video, we also created shorter teasers for YouTube and LinkedIn. This way people got hyped even before they had seen the whole video!

“Videos take (too) much time to create”

Not all marketers use video content. The reasons vary. Some marketers don’t know where to start, while others say they find creating a video too expensive. Nearly one-fourth say they don’t have enough time to create videos.

Fortunately, these marketers can turn to EVA. We offer different types of videos and different packages, at a fair price. In addition, we guide everyone through the process so that choice stress is quickly removed. Want to know more about our work? Then read on here or contact us for an introduction!



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